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USMS Relay All-Americans

Relay All-Americans for the Southeastern LMSC For Pool

Following is the list of USMS Relay All-Americans for the Southeastern LMSC. These swimmers participated in at least one relay event/age group that posted the fastest time in one of the three courses. All of these swimmers are eligible to receive a USMS Relay All-American patch and certificate if they wish. To request your patch and certificate, send in the request form along with a fee of $5.00 per swimmer requesting the patch and certificate.

Year Team Name Age
2015 NASH  
    Chris A McPherson 48
Melissa L Cooper 23
Ashley A Whitney 36
Laura M Ladd 48
Lindsay D Gendron 23
Kathryn K George 23
Robert C Lovelace 26
John S Howard 23
2010 AMS  
    Richard L Hughey 47
Corey M Hughey 21
Austin L Hughey 19
Emile C Ewing 22
2001 AMS  
    Romain Barnier 24
Richard Hughey 37
Lionel Moreau 26
Oswaldo Quevedo 24
Tim Russell 23
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