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Miles logged by USMS swimmers in the Fitness Logs
The USMS Go the Distance program is a free fitness event. Track your miles swum in our online Fitness Log, reach key milestones, and gain online recognition for your achievements. Sign up now.
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USMS 5K/10K ePostal Prelim Results Posted - Oct 18, 2017
Submit any corrections by October 23
How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep - Oct 16, 2017
A good night’s rest is important to your health and athletic performance
Here’s Why We Swim—Tell Us Your Reasons - Oct 10, 2017
You might just win a weekend spa getaway with a visit from Olympian Amanda Beard
Engineer Your Way to Excellent Swimming - Oct 9, 2017
A fun approach to continuous improvement
Three Essential Concepts Coaches Should Teach Inexperienced Swimmers - Oct 5, 2017
Getting swimmers without an aquatic background up to speed
The One Thing You Should Do Before Early-Morning Swim Practice - Oct 2, 2017
Even if you think you can’t
Leake, Erwin Win National Titles in Washington - Sep 28, 2017
Blue Wave Aquatics hosted the final USMS open water national championship of 2017
Making the Most of Your Pull Sets - Sep 25, 2017
Using a pull buoy gives you an opportunity to focus on some critical components
Embrace Racing in Practice - Sep 20, 2017
Racing in practice is an important training tool to prepare you for meets

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Coach Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location Levels Offered
Nov 4, 2017Chicago, Ill.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 11, 2017San Francisco Bay area, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Nov 18, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3  Register Now
Jan 27, 2018Austin, TexasLevel 3
Jan 27, 2018Austin, TexasLevel 1Level 2
Feb 24, 2018Washington, D.C.Level 3
Feb 24, 2018Washington, D.C.Level 1Level 2
Apr 7, 2018New Providence, N.J.Level 3
Apr 7, 2018New Providence, N.J.Level 1Level 2
Apr 14, 2018Boston, Mass.Level 3
Apr 14, 2018Boston, Mass.Level 1Level 2
May 19, 2018Denver, Colo.Level 1Level 2
Aug 25, 2018Chicago, Ill.Level 1Level 2
Sep 15, 2018Portland, Ore.Level 1Level 2
Sep 26, 2018Jacksonville, Fla.Level 3
* * Note this class is on a Wednesday
Sep 26, 2018Jacksonville, Fla.Level 1Level 2
* * Note - this class is on a Wednesday
Oct 13, 2018Indianapolis, Ind.Level 1Level 2
Nov 3, 2018Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3
Nov 3, 2018Los Angeles, Calif.Level 1Level 2
Dec 1, 2018San Francisco, Calif.Level 3
Dec 1, 2018San Francisco, Calif.Level 1Level 2
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Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Oct 21, 2017Cleveland, Ohio  Register Now
Oct 28, 2017Washington, D.C.  Register Now
Nov 3, 2017Colorado Springs, Colo.  Register Now
Nov 4, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.  Register Now
Nov 11, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.  Register Now
Nov 12, 2017Berkeley Heights, N.J.  Register Now
Nov 18, 2017Louisville, Ky.  Register Now
Jan 5, 2018Sarasota, Fla.
Jan 20, 2018Atlanta, Ga.
Jan 28, 2018Austin, Texas
Feb 25, 2018Washington, D.C.
Mar 3, 2018Minneapolis, Minn.
Mar 17, 2018New Orleans, La.
Mar 24, 2018Boise, Idaho
Apr 8, 2018New Providence, N.J.
Apr 15, 2018Boston, Mass.
May 5, 2018San Diego , Calif.
May 20, 2018Denver, Colo.
Aug 26, 2018Chicago, Ill.
Sep 16, 2018Portland, Ore.
Sep 26, 2018Jacksonville, Fla.
Oct 14, 2018Indianapolis, Ind.
Nov 4, 2018Los Angeles, Calif.
Dec 2, 2018San Francisco, Calif.
Additional Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Information
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