June 17-27, 2020 - Medellin, Colombia

Meet entry for the 2020 UANA Pan American Masters Championships is open. Deadline for entry is May 16.


Tim Waud has been chosen as the coach for the U.S. Masters Swimming contingent competing at the 2020 UANA Pan American Masters Championships. He's the head coach of the Oregon City Tankers workout group in Oregon City, Ore. A Level 4 coach and certified Adult Learn-to-Swim instructor, Tim also serves as the chair of the Oregon LMSC and is a member of the Coaches Committee.

Tim has served as the head coach for the 2014 FINA Masters World Swimming Championship in Montreal and has been an on-deck coach at several USMS Spring and Summer national championships. In 2017, Tim was honored as the USMS Coach of the Year.

He can be reached at panamcoach@usmastersswimming.org and encourages you to follow the 2020 UANA Pan American Masters Championships Facebook page for USMS members and the USMS discussion forums thread dedicated to the meet.