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July 19, 2000

Turns adversity into legacy

Dru Gallagher says he enjoys swimming at the end of his age group rather than the front. "It makes it more challenging, more competitive," he says. "You learn to get beat up, you're humbled, but it makes you tougher." Actually, Gallagher is far more often the beater than the beatee. But like all of our top Masters swimmers, he swims primarily for fitness, fun and friendship. "It's amazing,” he says, "what Masters swimming does for making, extending and prolonging relationships. Everyone shares the same commitment, ethic and love for the sport."

Aside from friendship, Gallagher does a fair amount of fast swimming. In 1995 he set 12 national and five world records in the 55-59 age group, mainly in breaststroke and medley events.

An investment banker who usually takes a long-term active position in investments with clients and friends, he currently is president of Global Gold Corporation located in Armenia, and partners in a large nursing home business in Pennsylvania, among other holdings. Interestingly, many of his partners are Masters swimmers.

Gallagher has an uncanny ability to turn adversity into something positive. His greatest challenge occurred in 1980 when his eldest son died in a tragic accident. Out of despair was born the Swim Around Manhattan, a 28-1/2 mile river marathon that now has its own foundation to administer the race and help needy children in New York. Gallagher has won the event several times.

from SWIM Magazine, March-April 1996

Drury J. Gallagher lives in New York, N.Y. and swims for Empire State Masters.