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Winter, 1999
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So... what do you think of the new title of this newsletter, Streamlines.... from the National Office? As you know, the purpose of this newsletter is to "streamline" information from the national level to the local level and out to our membership. It's a perfect title!

Thank you Stan Prazer, Chairman of the Allegheny Mountain LMSC, for suggesting it. I would also like to thank those of you who offered the following great suggestions: Spotlight on Swimming (SOS), Lane Master, Line Masters, Flip Turns, Flips & Tips, Swim Strokes, High H20, Aqua Tips, Aqua Notes, Tip Master, Dips & Tips, Tips on Dips, Flips -n- Turns, Tidelines, Tidal Pool, USMS Useable News, The Lane Line, Swim News to Use, Tips from Tracy, Yards and Meters News, The Long and Short of it, Staying in the Swim, News for You'se and News to Peruse.

It has been almost a year since the National Office changed it's mailing address to P.O. Box 185, Londonderry, NH 03053-0185. I am still receiving a number of newsletters and a lot of mail addressed to the old address. It will not be forwarded much longer. Please check all your databases and inform your membership.

We are in the process of updating our Places To Swim database. Registrars - I have enclosed a copy of what we have on file for places to swim in your area (posted and maintained at the USMS website). Would you please review this information and send corrections/additions/deletions back to me or submit them directly through the website by Monday, March 1st.

In closing, I would like to send a special thanks to Shellie, Joan and the staff at Gateway Printing. They all worked very hard during the month of December in order to get the USMS 1999 Rule Book, Directory, LMSC Handbook and LCM Top Ten Issue out by the end of the year. Phew!!!

I hope this newsletter finds you swimming fast and loving every minute of it!!!


One of the goals of USMS is to improve the maintenance of the LMSC Officer database.

LMSC Registrars - This is where it begins - WITH YOU! Please find enclosed the most up-to-date list I have for your LMSC Officers. Please review. If you have no revisions, great. If you do, please get them to me ASAP. I will continue to send out the current list I have on record with each issue of this quarterly newsletter.

With the above database, I have created reports for the following and have included them with this newsletter for you:

LMSC Chairmen - your LMSC Officers
USMS Zone Reps - LMSC Officers from your Zone
USMS Computer On-Line Chairman - LMSC Webmasters
USMS Finance Chairman - LMSC Treasurers
USMS Fitness Chairman - LMSC Fitness Officers
USMS Long Distance Chairman - LMSC Long Distance Officers
USMS Officials Chairman - LMSC Officials Officers
USMS Records and Tabulations Chairman - LMSC Top Ten Officers
USMS Registration Chairman - LMSC Registrars
USMS Safety Education Chairman - LMSC Safety Officers
USMS Zone Chairman - all LMSC Officers
USMS Controller - LMSC Treasurers
USMS Treasurer - LMSC Treasurers
USMS Swim Magazine Editor - LMSC Newsletter Editors


The entire USMS Working Calendar is now available on line for your perusal. A number of deadlines are approaching fast in the next few months, so please consult the calendar and be sure to meet our deadlines.


At convention, it was voted that a standard input format for registration submittals be adopted and required to be used by November 1, 1999. The recommended software is the Dolphin Systems Swimmer Registration Program. The program maintains registration of individuals, clubs and LMSC Officers. Several options that customize the entering of registration data are available. The program is available free of charge to any registrar. For more information contact Leo Letendre at 314-394-6395 or E-mail or send a disk with reg.dbf and teams.dbf.


From Sally Dillon, USMS Long Distance Chairman -
The first sentence from the Long Distance Committee report, about separate start/finish for wet suit competitors as it appeared in the last National Office newsletter was incorrect. This wording was officially removed from the report as stated. The committee voted to discuss this issue further before making a decision.

From Frank Tillotson -
The dates published in the 1999 Rule Book, for the USMS Convention in San Diego should be September 15-19th (not 18th). It is listed correctly in the USMS Working Calendar.

From Richard Fetters, South Carolina Registrar -
The following registered clubs from South Carolina were omitted from the 1998 USMS Clubs pages in the Registration section of the LMSC Handbook - Anderson Masters (AM), Gamecock Masters (GCAM), Parris Island MWR Masters (PIMM), and Spartaquatics Masters (YSMS).


USMS Note Cards
USMS (as it appears on the front of the 1999 Rule Book, outlined in red) on white background, 4 1/2" x 6 1/4", with envelopes.
Available through the National Office 5/$2.00, 10/$3.50, 25/$8.00

USMS Mini Rule Books
A handy 4" x 8 1/2" Mini Rule Book that includes the Technical Rules of Swimming. Great for your back pocket or your swim bag. Available through the National Office for $3.00 each.


From Sandi Blumit, USMS Insurance Broker at Peak.

There are a number of registered clubs who do not realize that they are covered by the USMS Insurance Program and are purchasing their own.

The USMS Insurance Program, funded by a portion of the National Registration Fee, provides Secondary Accident Insurance coverage for USMS members. Liability coverage is provided for USMS members, member clubs, LMSC officials and volunteers acting on behalf of and with the approval of USMS.

Secondary Personal Accident Insurance
Secondary Accident Insurance covers the USMS member during USMS sanctioned and recognized meets, supervised practices and preapproved events. In sanctioned events, ALL competitors must hold current USMS registration. At supervised practices, ALL participants must be registered USMS or USA Swimming members and practice must be under the direct supervision of a USMS Member or USA Swimming certified coach.

General Liability Insurance
Liability coverage is provided for claims of negligence againse the insured by any person, including participants, for bodily injury or property damage arising out to insured activities. Coverage is also included for claims arising from a written contract related to insured activities.

It is imperitive that all incidents, no matter how minor, be reported as soon as practicable. The USMS Report of Occurrence should be used to report incidents (included in the Insurance Section of the 1999 LMSC Handbook).

If you have any questions, Sandi can be reached at 800-777-4930 x 245


15th South African Masters Swimming Championships
March 17 - 21, 1999
East London, South Africa

Meet Information - Brian Hanson, SA Championships, P.O. Box 8148, Nahoon, East London, 5210, SA, Phone/Fax - (44-431) 353-185, e-mail -

Travel Information - Ann Lamberson at Ponte Vedra Travel, 110 Solana Road - Suite 106, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082, 1-800-833-SWIM

Brittish LDSA - One Hour Postal Swim
From the Brittish Long Distance Swimming Association

May be swum in any pool 25 yards or longer. All results will be in Meters, Yards distances will be converted to Meters.

All entry envelopes must be Postmarked no later than March 1st. Any postmarked after that date will be returned. Four Weeks will be allowed for Overseas mail to arrive - after which the adjudication will take place and the winners will be announced. Overseas swimmers, please send your entry airmail to avoid any disappoiintment from late arrival in the UK.

Since so many of us are already swimming it we can use the same splits! For entry information, send a SASE envelope to the USMS National Office.


From Mary Lee Watson, Chairman of the USMS Ad Hoc Recognition & Awards Committee

The Ransom Arthur Award is USMS's most prestigious award. It is presented annually to the person who is deemed by the committee to have done the most to further the objectives of Masters swimming programs. Any member of USMS may nominate a worthy person for this award. Nominations must be endorsed by an LMSC.

The nomination packet is enclosed with this newsletter. All completed nomination forms must be retured to the National Office by March 15, 1999.


From Mel Goldstein, USMS Past President and Hill Carrow, USMS Marketing Committee Chairman

Hasty Awards
Ribbons, Plaques, Trophies, Medals, Pins

The Victor
Swimwear and accessories

VASA Trainer
Training swim bench

- Recently retired USMS Controller

Dear Masters Swimmers:

I wish to thank so many of you for all the kindness, generous thoughts, prayers and support you have shown me. I was completely overwhelmed, touched and moved when I opened and read the huge Monet card most of you signed at convention. Words fail me at a time like this.

I have know, since my first year of involvement with the governance of USMS about nine years ago, that I was surrounded by some of the brightest and most creative, energetic and dedicated people I have ever met. (And that's not because I don't get out much!). Truly, being around all of you has always made attending annual conventions a very rich and rewarding experience for me.

It was with much anticipation that I looked forward to attending the convention at Cincinnati this year. I even had my room reserved and flight booked. Fellow Masters swimmer and animal long distance man Dan Gray and I were gearing up for "dueling snoring". That's the Oregon version of dueling banjos. Unfortunately, my rapidly deteriorating health situation dashed those hopes. With some sense of a failed mission, I had to turn over my USMS Controllership responsibilities to Suzanne Rague and Jeanne Ensign at the eleventh hour. Much thanks and credit should go to those two wonderful individuals who accomplished so much in such a short amount of time to pull the financials together for Convention.

I am now resting comfortably in the hospital at Oregon Health Sciences University waiting for a new heart. As one of my doctors recently put it: "Roy, let's face it, your heart sucks!" Attempts to keep me out of the hospital safely on oral medication proved futile. I kept on being readmitted because other problems caused by my advanced heart failure kept on cropping up, most particularly potential renal failure. Eventually, the doctors overcame my fierce, often obnoxious resistance to being holed up in the hospital for the duration.

So here I lie waiting for something that could happen tomorrow, next week, next month, even eight months from now. I'm feeling very good and my spirits are high so far. The reason is that I'm on "miracle heart juice", an I-V medication called Dobutamine that makes my fragile and poorly functioning heart feel very happy. It works by causing my heart to function more efficiently and increasing blood flow which in turn makes my kidneys happy.

Needless to say, I'm not exactly lying around here. I walk around with my dancing partner (my I-V pole) and get quite a bit of office work done thanks to e-mail and the telephone. The hospital staff put a table and two chairs in my room so I could work from here and even meet with clients if I need to. My employer, Perkins & Company, has been extremely helpful and supportive throughout this ordeal.

Life must go on even when things look crappy. I learned a long time ago that having a positive attitude and strong hope for the future, things would turn out for the best no matter how bleak they seemed at the moment. That sounds like a cliche but it does work. I'm very encouraged by the high success ratio of heart transplant technology these days and I'm convinced I'll survive for many years enjoying a much better quality of life that I've had for the past four years. I may even be able to swim a 200 fly again, who knows. The other day, I was visited by a heart transplant recipient as is fairly customary. He is 65 today and received his new heart eleven years ago! He is very fit, active and healthy and does all kinds of things like hiking, running, etc. Truly inspirational.

Again, I wish to thank everyone for thinking about me at this time. Do something good for yourselves and others: get regular check-ups and do become an organ doner.


Roy Abramowitz


I have a few extra here at the National Office. If you want another for your home or office, let me know. First come, first served.


Don't Forget
1998 LMSC Annual Meeting Minutes & year end 1998 LMSC Financial Statements are due to the National Office by April 30th

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