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Summer, 1999
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Records and Record Keeping
Things To Do
USMS Service Award Nominations
2000 Rule Book Cover
Two New USMS Committee Chairmen
Back in the Water Again!!
2000 Rule Book Cover
7th Pan Pacific Masters Swimming Championships
Swimming Past 50
Dover Solo - Swimming the English Channel
MACA School in Minneapolis
Places To Swim
Election Year For Zone Reps
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From the National Office...

Hello to all of you -

It's a hot and dry summer here in New England! Hopefully you are all staying "cool by the pool" and are getting into the H2O often. I know I'm trying to!!!

LONG COURSE NATIONALS are right around the corner at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Paul Windrath, the Minnesota LMSC and their staff of volunteers have been working hard to put together a great meet. Good luck to all that are competing!

The PLACES TO SWIM update is off to the printer. Thanks to all of you who submitted updated information on places to swim and workout groups in your area. The booklet has turned out to be bigger and better than ever and will be available by the time you receive this newsletter. The price for the updated issue is $9 and is available through the National Office.

I'm still waiting for the package from Munich with a supply of WORLD ENTRY FORMS. If you are interested in receiving one, send $3 (for copying & postage) to the National Office and I will get it right out to you ASAP. Or you can visit their website at

LMSC Chairmen and LMSC Registrars

  • You will find enclosed with this newsletter, the most current information the N.O. has on file for your LMSC Officers and their contact information. Please check this closely and contact me with any changes.
  • Check the list (in this newsletter) of LMSCs who have not submitted their 1998 Annual Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports. If your LMSC is listed then it has not been received by the N.O. Please send them in ASAP.
  • All LMSC's should be using the recommended registration software Dolphin Systems Swimmer Registration Program by November 1, 1999. The program is available free of charge to any registrar. For more information contact Leo Letendre at 314-394-6395 or E-mail Leo or send him a disk with your reg.dbf and teams.dbf and he will convert them for you.

USMS Chairmen & Board of Directors IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ

  • Don't forget - I need your Committees' Annual Report and Agenda for the Convention Packet by August 1st.
  • You will find enclosed the most current information the N.O. has on file for your committee members and their contact information. Please review this and get back to me ASAP with any changes. Lil Haneman will be creating a "guide to committees" again for convention this year and we want to make sure your agenda and list of committee members is included and correct.
  • Also due on August 1st is your final equipment requirements to the Convention Chair - Michael Heather. Michael can be reached at or 562-597-6675.
Speaking of CONVENTION...
  • Have you REGISTERED yet? All persons attending any meetings at the convention must be registered. Registration fees are $100 - postmarked August 1, 1999 or $125 - postmarked August 2nd or after. If you plan on going and haven't registered, do so immediately and save yourself $25. If you need a registration form, contact me at the National Office or Betsy Durrant, USMS Secretary at or 757-422-6811.
  • CONVENTION PACKETS will be mailed on Monday, August 16th. Information contained includes: Convention Schedule, Reports from the Executive Committee, Committee Chairmen and USMS Liaisons, USMS Balance Sheet and Budget, Convention Committee Meeting Agendas and Legislation, Rules and Long Distance Proposals. These will be sent to those Masters Swimmers who have registered for the convention.
  • SENDING PACKAGES to the convention - David Lamott, USMS's "San Diego Connection" has offered to be the recipient of packages (rather than sending them to the hotel and having to pay a handling fee) for Convention. His address is 2425 Palermo Drive, San Diego, CA 92106-1220. Phone: (619) 222-3436. Please call Dave in advance informing him that your package is being sent. Thank you Dave!!!
  • DISTRIBUTION OF COMMITTEE MEETING MINUTES - NEW PROCEDURE - This year the Convention Committee will be organizing the meeting minutes (for easier pick-up) by name alphabetically in "accordian" file folders. These will be on a table located at the back of the HOD room and will be available before each HOD meeting.

    At the completion of your meeting, have your assigned "secretary" type up your minutes and leave them with the appropriate paperwork for copying in the USAS copy room. Please get this done ASAP after the completion of your meeting.

    Upon completion of the copying/colating, the minutes will remain in the copy room and members of the convention committee will arrive approximately 2 hours before the scheduled HOD meeting to distribute them to the folders which will then be brought to the HOD room approximately 15-30 minutes before the beginning of the meeting.

    Following the HOD meeting, folders will be brought back to the USAS copy room.

    Thank you Paul and Mary Beth Windrath for allowing us the use of a corner of the copy room and this flexibility.

  • POOL WORKOUTS are scheduled and there will also be an open water swim, "LaJolla Cove Experience" (non competitive) for those who would prefer an openwater workout rather than a pool workout on Saturday morning.
    Wednesday - USMS Social in the USMS Hospitality Suite
    Thursday - Insurance Reception followed by a USMS Social - Old Town San Diego
    Friday - USMS Social given by our hosts, the San Diego Imperial LMSC
    Saturday - USAS Banquet followed by a USMS Social in the USMS Hospitality Suite

    As you know, there isn't very much time to see the sites while attending convention so you may want to schedule an extra day or two. Following are some


    LaJolla Rough Water Swim (1 mile and 3 mile), Sunday September 12th - entry deadline 9/3/99, 619-456-2100

    U.S. Olympic Cup which features 5 sports including: men's and women's swimming, men's and women's beach volleyball, women's basketball, men's boxing and women's softball. Each sport will feature the top U.S. athletes against their best international competitors. The entire Cup will take place from Thursday, Sept. 9th - Sunday, Sept. 12th. For more information, contact Hill Carrow, Executive Director at or 719-578-4952.

    Harbor Cruises, Old Town San Diego, Maritime Museum, Gas Lamp District, Sea World, shopping malls, and even a trolley to Mexico.

Well, I had so much to say that I've run out of room! If you are going to LC Nationals or Convention, I'll see you there. If not, let me know if there is anything I can assist you with.

Article 502.7 - Records and Record Keeping

Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record keeping and reporting requirments of USMS. The LMSC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end of the LMSCs fiscal year (which was April 30th - 3 months ago).

Below are the LMSCs who's 1998 Financial Reports have not been received by the National Office:

Border, Gulf, Inland Northwest, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Ozark, Pacific Northwest, San Diego-Imperial, South Dakota, South Texas, Southern and Utah

And the Meeting Minutes from the 1998 Annual Meeting of the following LMSCs have not been received:

Border, Central, Florida, Indiana, Inland Northwest, Iowa, Maryland, Midwestern, Niagara, North Dakota, North Texas, Ozark, Snake River, South Carolina, South Dakota, Southeastern, Southern, Utah and Virginia.

If your LMSC is listed, that means the National Office has not received it. Please send them in ASAP. Thanks!

Things To Do...

This newsletter goes to the Board of Directors as well as the LMSC Chairmen, Editors and Registrars. Listed are all deadlines from the USMS Working Calendar. Please read this and use as a reminder. This 1999 Working Calendar is posted in it's entirety on the USMS website at:

USMS Service Awards

As a volunteer-driven organization, USMS is forever grateful to the hundreds of talented volunteers, giving of their time and expertise to help our exciting program continue this growth. Among these volunteers, there are some whose service stands out in it's scope, it's impact on the program, and the numbers of members who have benefited from this individual's efforts on the local, regional, or national level.

The awards are in the form of a 3-color enamel pin. The USMS President and two members of the Recognition and Awards Committee will select the honorees, limited to 15 Award Pins in a given year. Pins and a recognition letter will be sent to each honoree. Their names and accomplishments will be formally recognized at the Friday evening House of Delegates Meeting at the annual convention.

USMS wants you to tell us who and what is deserving of the special recognition of the USMS Service Award. Write and tell us of a person who has executed a single service project -or has given sustained service over a long period of time - or whose efforts in some way extend above and beyond the usual fine work of your volunteers.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • Name, address and phone number of the nominee
  • Clearly indicate whether the service was performed at the local, zone or national level
  • Describe the impact of the candidate's service - new programs, or improvements or enhancement of on-going USMS programs
  • Outline the scope of the service and the number of members who have benefited
  • You may include a letter of support for your nomination
  • Please include your own name and address

Nominations may be forwarded at any time. For recognition at the 1999 convention, please submit on or before August 1, 1999. Nominations should be sent to:

Mary Lee Watson
Chairman, Recognition & Awards
109 Cottonwood Drive
Franklin, TN 37069

2000 Rule Book Cover

Submittals are due by September 15th

It should be 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches high and must use the phrases "United States Masters Swimming" and "2000 Rules" in the design as well as the USMS logo (including trademark sign). Send finished design to Meg Smath at 171 Creekwood Way, Nicholasville, KY 40356-8761. All submissions become the property of USMS, we will ask each contestant to sign a release.

Two New USMS Committee Chairmen
From Nancy Ridout

Congratulations to David Diehl and David Grilli, new USMS Chairmen of the Officials and Fitness Committees respectively. Thank you Bill Tingley and Mo Chambers for your dedication and contributions as chairmen of these committees for the past 2 years.

Back in the Water Again!
From Roy Abramowitz

Four months after my "rebirth" I'm doing great!! I'm back in the water again; in fact I did a 2,000 yard session today. Still not very fast but getting there. I'm in a cardiac rehab program at a local gym where I swim and do weights, cycle, treadmill etc. It feels great to be getting back into shape again.

I'm unofficially back at work also. What that means is I come and go from the office as I please or am needed. I'll start again fulltime officially at the end of July. So one more month to have fun and enjoy myself.

Please say hi to the folks of USMS. I really appreciated their support and best wishes. It meant a great deal to me.

7th Pan Pacific Masters Swimming Championships
Perth - Western Australia

The National Office has entry packets for the 1999 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships to be held at Challenge Stadium, October 15-23rd. If you would like to have one sent to you, please send a check made out to USMS for $3.20 (to pay for postage) and send to the USMS National Office. Entry deadline is Friday, September 3rd.

Swimming Past 50 From the Human Kinetics series

by Mel Goldstein and Dave Tanner

"This is a unique study of Masters Swimming that covers all aspects. The book is filled with information that will benefit the most experienced Masters swimmer." Jeff Farrell

"It is wonderful to have a complete book that is specific to the mature swimmer and is a great motivator." Bill Mulliken

The cost is $16.95 and can be purchased through, and most major book stores.

Chapters 1 and 2 appear in the August issue of the Saturday Evening Post along with a 6 page article on Masters Swimming.

Dover Solo
Swimming the English Channel

By Marcia Cleveland

Marcia Cleveland from the Connecticut LMSC recently wrote a book about her English Channel swim in 1994. Marcia says "It was fun to write and helped me to create a memoir for what happened. I told it like it happened and didn't sugarcoat the experience. It was hard work and I laid out what I did with my training for 3 years, just in case someone reading this book is considering a Channel swim."

The cost is $20 + $4 for shipping/handling. Please send inquiries to her at 31 Terrace Avenue, Riverside, CT 06878 or e-mail her at

MACA School in Minneapolis

The Masters Aquatic Coaches Association (MACA) is pleased to announce the MACA Coaching School in Minneapolis. Featured speakers include Mel Goldstein, who is the past president of USMS; Joel Stager, who is the Editor of the Journal of Swimming Research; and Bill Volckening, who is Editor of the MACA News.

Please pass this information along to anyone you know who is planning to go to Minneapolis for the USMS LC Nationals. For more information contact Bill Volckening at


The Places to Swim Database is being maintained on the USMS Website at It is a very simple and quick process to modify, add or delete an entry. Please assist us and review the entries for your LMSC. Also, spread the word to your clubs and workout groups, asking them to visit the site and keep their information up to date.

Accurate information on places to swim is very important to the traveling Master and non Master swimmer!


Most zones do not have a formal nomination process. If you are interested in running for Zone Rep or would like more information, please contact either Hugh Moore, Zone Committee Chairman, or the Zone Rep for your zone.

Elections will take place at convention during the zone meetings, Saturday, September 18th at 9:30 am.


The following is a description of Zone Rep duties. Since there are considerable differences among the zones, the list is divided into mandatory and optional tasks.

Activities for the Zone Committee and Zone Reps

Mandatory (all zones):

  • Communicate with LMSC leaders
  • Maintain zone policies and minutes as appropriate
  • Arbitrate disputes between LMSCs, within LMSCs, and between zones
  • Educate LMSCs about need to comply with USMS rules and their own by-laws on those matters that come to the zone reps attention
  • Monitor LMSC officer address list
  • Communicate LMSC concerns to appropriate USMS committee or officer
  • Represent the LMSCs and swimmers within the zone at convention as well as during zone committee activities
  • Submit list of meets within the zone to SWIM Magazine

Optional (varies among zones, some tasks may be delegated to other people):

  • Publish zone newsletters
  • Solict bids for zone meets and follow zone policies in awarding zone meets
  • Maintain zone budget
  • Act as liaison in arranging USMS committee assignments
  • Provide finanical aid to smaller LMSCs within the zone for convention delegates per zone policy
  • Remind LMSCs to submit financial reports and annual meeting minutes (this is part of "communication" listed above)
  • Compile and distribute zone top ten and records
  • Promote inter-sone meets such as the receint Dixie/Colonies meet
  • Promote non-traditional inter-zone and intra-zone competitions, examples:
    • LMSC or zone growth awards
    • Largest number of participants (pro-rated) in the hour swim (by LMSC and/or by zone)
    • Encourage communication and competition between LMSCs in your zone
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