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Summer, 1998
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It's crunch time here at the N.O. The 1998 USAS Convention is right around the corner and there is much to be done.

Once this newsletter is "out the door" the next project is the Convention Packet. For those of you who have attended convention and have read through this information, you know what an undertaking this is. I now await the agendas and committee reports from our Executive Committee, Committee Chairmen and Liaisons and the proposed rule/code changes from Legislation, Long Distance and Rules, which are due on August 1st.

Thank goodness for e-mail, fax machines and scanners. They make my job a little easier. My goal is to get the Convention Packet done and in the mail to the delegates before I leave for LC Nationals on August 19th.

The Convention Packet, LMSC Handbook, USMS Directory, All American, All Star and National Record Certificates, Coaches Manual and Streamlines...From the National Office are all created here at the National Office. I also assist many of the members of the USMS Board of Directors in a number of projects including: the review of Top Ten and SWIM Magazine drafts, Top Ten, All American and All Star selections, maintenance of the LMSC Officer and Places to Swim databases.

When there isn't a project to work on, the National office is always bustling. There are phone calls, faxes, e-mail, and snail mail to answer from people who need information, need help, or want to purchase a publication. Information is given, orders are filled, newsletters are read, correspondence is answered and many trips are made to the post office. Phew, before you know it, the day is over.

What a great job!


One of the goals of USMS is to improve the maintenance of the LMSC Officer database. Please find enclosed the most up-to-date list I have for your LMSC Officers. Please review. If you have no revisions, great. If you do, please get them to me ASAP. If I do not hear from you by August 8th I will assume they are correct.

Once I have confirmation that all officers listed are correct I will send the revised database to the National Registrars and confirmation to the LMSC Chairman.

The procedure to keep this information updated is as follows:

The National Registrars receive information from the LMSCs at time of annual registration and during the year. They will then forward the information to me.

As the Executive Secretary, my job is to maintain the primary database. When I receive changes from the National Registrars, I will send confirmation of changes to the LMSC Chairman. I will also send updates quarterly to the National Registrars, each member of the Zone Committee, and Chair of Computer On-Line Committee. I will also send unique lists to appropriate USMS Committee Chairman (e.g. Registration, Officials, etc.)

It is very important that you report all LMSC changes to the National Registrars in a timely fashion, including new officers as well as changes in addresses, contact numbers and e-mail addresses.


The National Office is still receiving a number of letters to the old address on High Range Road. At this time, they are still being forwarded. Please be sure to let your membership know of the new address for the National Office:

P.O. Box 185
Londonderry, NH 03053-0185
The post office will not forward the mail much longer.

Executive Committee
Committee Chairmen
USMS Liaisons

Just a reminder - Annual Reports and Convention agendas are due to the National Office by Saturday August 1st.


The entire USMS Working Calendar is now available on line for your perusal. A number of deadlines are approaching fast in the next few months, so please consult the calendar and be sure to meet our deadlines.


The N.O. has received a number of calls from people who have misplaced their membership cards and need to know their number to enter an event. Did you know that your USMS Membership number appears on your SWIM Magazine label?


Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record keeping and reporting requirements of USMS. The LSMC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end of the LMSC's fiscal year. In other words, by April 30th.

Well, as we all know, April 30th is long gone and there are still a number of delequent LMSC's out there. Please check the below lists and be sure that if your LMSC is on one or both, that you get the information to the National Office ASAP.

I would like to let you know that I have made a mistake in the recording of Annual Meeting Minutes I have received. It has been brought to my attention that the Annual Meeting Minutes for 1997, are the minutes of the annual meeting that is held in 1997. I understood them to be, the Annual Meeting held in 1998 and minutes taken in calendar year 1998 were for the previous year, 1997.

I am sorry for any inconvienience or frustration I brought to those of you who I listed as delequent. I have gone through all the records for 1996, 1997 and 1998 and I have revised the list of 1997 Annual Meeting Minutes not received by the National Office.

Financial Statement - 1997
Border, Inland Northwest, Michigan, Midwestern, Niagara, North Texas, Ozark, Pacific, South Dakota, South Texas, Southern, and Wyoming.

Annual Meeting Minutes - 1997
Alaska, Border, Central, Inland Northwest, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Midwestern, New Mexico, North Texas, Ozark, Snake River, South Carolina, South Dakota, South Texas, Southern, and Wyoming.


As USMS grows, so does the chance of someone else having your name. When it comes to Top Ten, All American and All Star tabulations, there have been a number of people who not only have the same name, but birthdays very close to each other. In fact this year we had two women with the same name who's birthdays were on the exact same day, one year apart. Please use your middle initial when entering an event. This will assist us in making sure we have the correct person receiving the honor.

From Nancy Ridout

Excitement is growing for this year's convention in Cincinnati, September 30 - October 4th. We have a theme this year which will be incorporated throughout our meetings. This theme "Mastering Our Destiny - 2000 and Beyond" will help us focus as we plan our programs and do the business that keeps our organization strong, energetic, and leading the way in the field of aquatics, adult fitness and competitive opportunities.

I look forward to seeing many of you again in Cincinnati and to the renewed vigor and commitment that is always a result of our meeting together.

For those of you who need to ship materials to Convention, please send them to:

Chris Gilligan
7511 Ayers Road
Cincinnati, OH 45255-3914

Plan to have them arrive no sooner than September 1st and no later than Wednesday, September 30th. Contact Chris at 513-232-0382 and let her know they are coming.

Deadline ~ Sunday October 4th (Last day of Convention)

If you have something to add, revise or delete for the 1999 USMS Working Calendar, please submit in writing to Betsy Durrant

Entries are closed for this years Newsletter of the Year Award, which will be presented at this years convention. Interested LMSC's be sure to have Susan Ludwig, USMS SWIM Editor on your mailing list.

Susan Ludwig
10333 NW 49th Court
Coral Springs, FL 33076


Bids are due to the Long Distance Chairman - Sally Dillon, no later than September 1st to be considered "timely". Untimely bids will not be considered if a timely bid is received for the same event.

West ~ 2 Mile Cable & 6 Mile (or greater) divisions
Central ~ 1 Mile and >3 - <6 Mile divisions
East ~ >1 - <3 Mile (or equal) division
Any Area ~ 1 Hour Postal, 3000/6000 yard Postal, 5/10 K Postal


Save the hang tag (with bar code) from every NIKE swim suit purchased. At the end of the year (you will be notified of the date through this newsletter) hand them in at the customer service desk of your local NIKE retailer, along with the name of your club. Your club will recive $1 for every tag turned in.

Please be sure to tell them the name of your club. NIKE will be sending only 1 (one) check to USMS and we want to be sure your club gets credit for all your members purchases.


When requesting one of the above certificates from the National Office, be sure to include the following appropriate information:


  • Name (as you want it to appear on the certificate)
  • Middle Initial (in case there is someone else with the same name)
  • Age Group
  • Course ~ SCY, LCM, SCM (AA only)
  • Event and Year of swim


  • Name (as you want it to appear on the certificate)
  • Age Group, Course ~ SCY, LCM, SCM
  • Event
  • Year of Swim
  • and most important - NAME OF CLUB

The more information we receive, the easier it is to find and confirm your accomplishment.


An e-mail received by the National Office
Source: from under a pile on the desk of Emmett Hines

When the new batch of USMS Brochures were ready, I sent Emmett Hines, Registrar for the Gulf LMSC, 500. This is what he did with them.

Tracy -

Just a note to let you know how we are using some of the brochures you recently sent our way. Below is the e-mail I've sent out to all of the registered swimmers in our LMSC that are on e-mail. So far, after about two weeks, I've had about a 13% response rate and they're still coming in. Our LMSC is absorbing the cost of mailing these small batches to each volunteer. If we get just one new member out of every 100 brochures distributed, this campaign pays for itself. So far, in just two weeks, we have at least 2 new sign-ups that are directly attributable to the first 50 brochures that went out - many more expected.

Hey, GULF Masters swimmers!

I just received the shipment of a whole boatload of the newly printed 4 color glossy "Masters Swimming - What's it all About?" brochure - very sharp looking. These are really good for spreading info about your program. There is a spot on the back for you to apply a sticker or business card with (or just write in) your team's contact person and number.

Are you willing to do your part to grow your program??? It is so simple and FREE to boot! E-mail me your snail-mail address and I'll drop 10 of these pups in the mail to you right away! But, there's a catch! You gotta hand them out to people who are not yet Masters swimmers. If every swimmer in the Gulf was to actually hand out 10 of these to prospective members, think how prosperous our teams could grow to be - enabling more workouts to be added to the schedules, more pools to host programs, etc.

Don't assume someone else in your program is going to do this - assume that if you don't, no one else will. Be a leader and get yours today!

When ordering - please let me know if you want to put your own sticker with contact info on it (or write it in) or, alternatively, I can put a generic GULF Masters sticker on them that has my phone number on it.

Thank's Emmett - great idea!

If you are interested in ordering USMS Brochures, they are available at the National Office for the cost of postage ~ 50 - $3.00, 100 - $5.00, 500 - $14.75, 1000 - $30.90.

A thank you note to Nancy Ridout
From Long Distance All American John J. Conley - University Park, Texas

Dear Nancy -

Thank you for the good news. Competing is always fun, winning is better. When all is said, it's the people that make the sport and it's the people I meet that keep me motivated and interested.

A thank you note to Nancy Ridout
From Long Distance All Star T. R. Johnson - Costa Mesa, California

Dear Nancy -

What a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much for forwarding me your distinctive certificate naming me a member of the USMS 1997 Long Distance All Star Team. Your accompanying letter was also very much appreciated. And my congratulations to you, the USMS staff and the remaining national officers for providing such professional direction to our organization and programs. Thanks again and HOOYAH!


Fax to Tracy Grilli
From Jane Katz - New York, New York

The May 1998 United States Masters Nationals coincided with the almost two weeks of rain experience by the eastern seaboard last spring. So not only did my busy work schedule preclude me from taking a flight the night before, but the bad weather held things up too. I had wanted to book the direct flight that morning, but it was booked. The first departure was okay, but the connecting flight was slow. I got really anxious about the time, so I put on my bathing suit in the restroom of the airplane!

I thought things were under control once I was on the ground, but the taxi drive missed the turn-off, so that meant crawling through the Indianapolis "5" - five miles per hour that is. When I finally arrived at the huge IUPUI natatorium, I was disrobing and putting on my cap as I made my way to the pool itself. The meet was running on schedule, so when I got there at 10:20 am, the swimmers from the last hear of the previous event were in the water.

After literally a two-minute warm-up and stretch in the diving pool, I slipped into the water for the 100 yard backstroke event. My main competitor looked at me a said, "I didn't know you were going to be here!" and I said to her, "Neither did I!"

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