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Spring, 1998
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USMS Thank You Notes
USMS Clinics
Congratulations Ron Collins
Reaching Success Through Science
Disability Championships
International Paralympics World Championships
National Senior Games
FINA Masters World Championships
Free Accomodations for Sydney Olympics
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From The National Office...

At 7am as I sat down at the computer to work on this issue, I happened to look out my sliders and there were 2 young moose, munching on leaves in our back yard. They did not stay long, but It was a nice surprise. I hope they come back again some time.

Many of you may think, well she lives in New Hampshire, they have lots of moose there. There are plenty up north but not in Southern NH where we live.

Speaking of where we live... WE'VE MOVED!

After 12 years on High Range Road, the Grilli family finally made the move on April 1st (no joke). Please note the new National Office address on this page and please get the word out.

The National Office now looks like an office, rather than a warehouse for USMS publications and supplies. There is actually room in the basement for all that stuff! Ahhh... room to breathe and really spread out!

As I put the finishing touches on this newsletter, I think about it's contents. The amount of work that is being done by our volunteers (including you), is totally amazing. WOW!

The purpose of this newsletter is to get this valuable information to our membership. Editors, please feel free to use what you feel will benefit your members. If you have any questions or need some assistance with something, anything, please contact me at the National Office address or by phone - 603-537-0203, or fax - 603-537-0204 or e-mail - or

Good luck to all of you swimming at SC Nationals in Indy.

I will see you there!

Please make note of the new address for the National Office:

P.O. Box 185
Londonderry, NH 03053-0185

Phone and Fax numbers remain the same


Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record keeping and reporting requirements of USMS. The LSMC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end of the LMSC's fiscal year. In other words, by April 30th.

The following is a list of LMSC's that are delinquent as of April 30th:

Financial Statement
Alaska, Allegheny Mountain, Border, Delaware Valley, Indiana, Inland Northwest, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Midwestern, Montana, New England, Niagara, North Dakota, North Texas, Ozark, Pacific, Snake River, South Dakota, South Texas, Southeastern, Southern, Southern Pacific, Virginia and Wyoming.

Annual Meeting Minutes
Alaska, Allegheny Mountain, Arkansas, Border, Central, Colorado, Gulf, Indiana, Inland Northwest, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, Montana, New England, New Mexico, Niagara, North Dakota, North Texas, Oregon, Ozark, Pacific, Pacific Northwest, Snake River, South Carolina, South Dakota, South Texas, Southeastern, Southern, Southern Pacific, Utah and Wyoming.


This newsletter goes to the Board of Directors as well as the LMSC Chairmen, Editors and Registrars. Listed are "all deadlines" from the USMS Working Calendar. Please read this and use as a reminder.
MAY ~ 1998
  • Editorial materials due to USMS SWIM Magazine Editor, Susan Ludwig, for July/August issue
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to National Registrars, Diane and Bill Black.
  • USMS Controller, Roy Abramowitz, filing deadline with IRS for Form 990.
  • USMS Short Course National Championships, Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Ransom Arthur award winner announced at SC Nationals.
  • National Office sends reminder to LMSC's of July 10th deadline for submission of proposed code amendments.
  • Committee reports containing updates on activities due to Executive Committee liaisons.
  • End of Short Course Yards season.
  • 1997 financial statements and backup due from Controller to Internal Audit Committee.
  • Pre-meet site visit by Championship Committee liaison to Long Course Nationals host.
  • Notify Sponsors of Long Course Nationals due dates for booths, banners and ads.
JUNE ~ 1998
  • Long Distance National Championship Packet mailed to 1999 One Hour Swim meet host.
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to the National Registrars.
  • National Office reminds committee chairs that annual reports and convention agenda are due August 1st.
  • Summary of liaison reports due from Executive Committee members to the President, Nancy Ridout.
  • Cut-off date for delegate entitlements to the 1998 convention. National Registrar notifies Secretary, Betsy Durrant, of LMSC membership numbers as of June 15. LMSC's notified by Secretary of any additional delegate entitlements.
  • Registration Committee finalizes design of membership card. Printer notified.
  • FINA Masters Technical Congress, Casablanca, Morocco.
  • National Office sends list of Board of Directors and award winners to USAS for convention booklet.
  • USS Liaison, Ted Haartz, reports to President on May USS Board of Directors meeting.
JULY ~ 1998
  • Editorial material due to USMS SWIM Magazine Editor for September/October issue.
  • Preliminary equipment requirements for convention due to Convention Chair, Michael Heather.
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to National Registrar.
  • Postmark deadline for LC National Championships.
  • Proposed Rules and Long Distance amendments and Legislation emergency amendments due to Leo Letendre and Sally Dillion, respective committee chairs.
  • Nominations for Zone Committee Chair due to National Office.
  • Finance Committee Chair, Suzanne Rague, sends budget request forms and instructions to all persons with cost center authority.
  • "Coach of the Year" nominations due to Coaches Committee Chair, Scott Rabalais.
  • LMSC SCY Top Ten reports due to Top Ten Chair, Pieter Cath.
  • Fitness Program Award nominations due to Fitness Chair, Mo Chambers.
  • Notify Sponsors of 1998 LC Nationals due dates for booths, banners and ads.


USMS recognizes the tremendous time, resourcefulness, and creativity of our volunteers. To show our appreciation for these volunteers, we have established the USMS Service Award. If you know of a worthy recipient, share your perception of this person's service by letter. Submit your nomination to Mary Lee Watson, Chairman, Recognition & Awards, 109 Cottonwood Drive, Franklin, TN 37069, by August 1st. Be sure to include the name, address, and phone number of the nominee, the type of service, the scope and impact of the nominee's service, and your own name, address, and phone number. 15 of our invaluable volunteers will be recognized.


The national office offers preprinted name/address labels to those who are promoting a clinic, swim meet or postal event, or who are doing research.

All requests for labels (Club, Board of Directors, LMSC Newsletter Editors and/or Chairman and swimmers), now go through the National Office. Please notify Tracy of your needs and she will quote you the price and the procedures for getting your labels in a timely manor.


Congratulations goes to Anna Lea Roof, new Chairman of the Breadbasket Zone.

Good luck to Laura Kessler, who has moved out of the zone to Ohio.


USMS has a new video librarian! Melanie Dullea, a member of the USMS Coaches Committee, has taken over the position from Maxine Nellen, who has retired. USMS thanks Maxine for her four years of service and wished her the beast of heath. For information on video rental, contact Melanie Dullea at (303) 791-0309. Or, send a SASE to her at 9162 S. Kenwood Court, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126.


USMS Thank Your Notes (USMS Logo in blue and red with Thank You! written in blue, on the front, blank on the inside) are now available through the National Office at the following prices:

10 - $2.50
50 - $10.00
100 - $18.00

Above prices include envelopes and cost of postage

From a note the N.O. received from Wayne R. Williams

I think your decision to use Tyvek envelopes and first class postage is a good one. You may wish to point out to your subscribers that the envelope is water resistant. If they keep their books in the envelope while on deck, they will more likely survive the thrills and spills of Masters swimming.


The United States Masters Swimming Coaches Committee is taking applications from organizations interested in hosting USMS-sponsored clinics in 1998. Two types of clinics are being offered, both of which include assistance from USMS.


Each year, USMS sponsors up to eight Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics, preferable one in each zone. These clinics consist of a minimum two-hour coaches clinic and a four-hour swimmer clinic, both of which are run be a proven, successful Masters coach. During the coaches clinic, the mentor coach will dispense information that will be helpful to local coaches in building their programs. The swimmers' clinic will feature both on-deck and in-water instruction with underwater video analysis usually included.

For more information on applying to host a Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinic, contact Lorie Gibson-Rick at (716) 338-3209 or at


NIKE is teaming with USMS in sponsoring three NIKE Champions Clinics, which will be conducted by an Olympic swimmer. Among those athletes tapped by NIKE to conduct the clinics are Barbara Bedford, Tom Dolan, Kurt Grote, Kristine Quance, Jeff Rouse and Melanie Valerio. The athletes will share their swimming expertise and Olympic experiences with the participants during the four-hour session. The instruction will include tips on the four competitive strokes along with starts and turns.

For more information on applying to host a NIKE Champions Clinic, contact Scott Rabalais at (504) 766-5937 or

Clearwater Aquatic Team Masters

On April 15th, Ron Collins completed the first ever swim of the length of Tampa Bay, 24 miles. He finished in 9 hours and 52 minutes. The water temperature was a cool, 74 degrees. Ron did not wear a wet suit, opting for a "pure swim", or as his escort, Randy Nutt said "No toys. No gimmicks. Just a man and the water." For those who know Ron, he is also a butterflyer. With the crowd cheering and the end in sight, he switched to butterfly for the last hundred yards. Way to go Ron!

at the International Center for Aquatic Research

United States Swimming is proud to announce the Success Through Science program, which is aimed at athletes of all abilities who are interested in improving their swimming performance.

As an adult athlete, you might feel that improving your swimming has been difficult and frustrating, or that your best days in the sport have passed you by.

But at United States Swimming, we see these years as some or your best. No matter your age, there will always be that untapped potential. And whether it's an adjustment to your stroke, your training program, or how you mentally prepare for competition - we are here to help you succeed.

That is why USS has created a program specifically designed to help swimmers continue to excel even after those youthful years are just a memory.

United States Swimming and the International Center for Aquatic Research aim to help swimmers reach peak performance by unlocking the mystery of the science aspect of the sport.

The ICAR is a unique facility which combines both "one of a kind" laboratories and swimming flume with professional staff devoted to swimming science. ICAR scientists asses swimming performance in order to assist athletes - at all levels of the spectrum - achieve greater success in the pool.

Participating swimmers are taken through a battery of tests to assess their strengths and weaknesses in the psychological, physiological and biomechanical categories.

Following this data collection, an ICAR scientist will interpret these results and make recommendations for each athlete for both training and competition.

For more information, please contact Tricia Downing, Marketing Coordinator at: or at 719-578-4578.



USMS swimmers with a disability are welcome!

JUNE 26-28, 1998
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis
Long Course Meters

Sanctioned by Minnesota Swimming, Inc. Meet Directors: Gail Dummer ( and Julie Bare ( Meet information is available from US Swimming, One Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs, CO 80909, phone (719) 578-4578, or by e-mail ( This competition will serve as the team selection meet for the 1998 International Paralympic Committee World Swimming Championships to be held October 12-27 in Christchurch, New Zealand.


USMS swimmers with a disability are welcome!

OCTOBER 12-27, 1998

Christchurch, New Zealand
Long Course Meters

Sanctioned by the International Paralympic Committee. Swimmers with the best performances in the 1998 United States Swimming Championships for Swimmers with a Disability will qualify for the USA World Championship Team. For additional information about team and staff selection criteria, contact the USA World Swimming Championship web site at:


Please note the following "corrections" to the information that was printed in the March/April issue of SWIM Magazine.

The only way to qualify is through an NGSA State Games. The qualifying period is January 1st through December 31st 1998. There are no exemptions from qualifying any longer. Everyone must compete in a State Games first. The correct mailing address is: National Senior Games Association, 445 North Boulevard, Suite 2001, Baton Rouge, LA, 70802, phone (504) 379-7337 and e-mail


This was sent to the National Office by June Krauser with the following note:

I received the following information which I would like you to enclose in the next issue of NYCU.

I don't know if it will help anyone but the flight price is really cheap cheap!

Royal Tours Inc/USA offers a 5% discount for the stays and 10% discount for the tours and the excursions.

The special airfare price that Royal Tours offers from New York - JFK - to Casablanca, round trip on economy class is US $485.00 plus US tax of $55.00 per person.


This was received by the National Office, I am passing the information on to you...

Vacation Network Pty Ltd (phone 61 7 32026185) will launch a Home Exchange Website on July 1, 1998. The website will list the names of people from countries throughout the world and from within Australia who wish to attend the Sydney Olympics, together with the names of Sydney-siders who wish to take an international or interstate vacation whilst the games are in progress. The site will present an opportunity for people in either group to make contact with each other.

Access to the site other than the home-page will be by way of a password which will be issued to all those wishing to exchange. The password cost is $40. The first listings will appear on the Site on the launch date and new names will be added on a weekly basis. The Password will enable members to see their own listing plus listings from Sydney-siders with whom an exchange may be possible.

If a member, interested in an exchange notifies Vacation Network VIA THE SUBMIT BUTTON by midnight, Sunday June 7th at:, that member's listing will appear on July 1st FREE OF CHARGE.

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