2002 USMS National Elections - Election Schedule

Pre-Convention Election Schedule

Job Due Date
Announce request for nominations at the Annual Meeting 11/18/01
Submit call for nominations to National Office Newsletter 11/18/01
Submit call for nominations to Jan/Feb Issue of Swim Magazine 11/18/01
Post election information on Election Web Site 12/30/01
Contact current officers eligible for a second term to determine if they wish to continuein office 1/1/02
Accept nominations for office. Candidates for office must submit a completed Nomination Packet during this period in order to be considered for the slate 1/1/02 - 3/31/02
Obtain evaluations from Committee Chairs nominees have served under 4/1/02 - 4/30/02
Mail evaluation forms to Committee Chairs candidates have served under and send requests for personal letters of reference 4/1/01
Election Committee evaluates candidates and chooses slate for election at convention 5/1/02 - 6/15/02
Notify candidates thay have been selected for the slate and post candidate information on Election Web Site 7/1/02
Submit election information to National Office for convention packet 8/1/02
Email collection of questions for Meet the Candidates Forum 8/1/01 - 9/1/02

Convention Election Schedule

Job Due Date
Post election bulletin board and question box for Candidates' Forum on-site at convention in visible location(s) Wednesday
Nominations and speeches for candidates on the slate as well as nominations from the floor of the House of Delegates Thursday
Question box for Candidates Forum closed Thursday 12 noon
Meet the Candidates Forum Thursday 8 p.m.
Elections Friday p.m.
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