Streamlines...From the National Office
Summer, 1997
Contents of this newsletter:
Things To Do
1998 World Championships Update
FINA Hand Book & FINA News
Committee Reports:


Because this newsletter goes to the Board of Directors as well as the LMSC Chairmen and Editors, I am listing "all deadlines" from the USMS Working Calendar. This calendar is produced by Suzanne Rague, Secretary of USMS. Please read this and use as a reminder.

  • Deadline for USAS for early convention registration and inclusion in USAS Directory.
  • Committees annual reports and convention agendas due to liaisons and National Office.
  • Bids for fitness Events due to Fitness Chair.
  • Final equipment requirements from committee chairs and workshop planners due to Convention Chair.
  • All proposed rule/code changes from Legislation, Long Distance, and Rules due to National Office.
  • Deadline for nominations for Zone Committee Chair.
  • Coaches Committee mails on-deck coaching assignments for LC Nationals.
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to National Registrar.
  • All budget requests due to Finance Committee Chair.
  • Convention packets, including nominees for USMS Officer, mailed to all certified delegates.
14th - 18th
  • USMS LC National Championships, Central Florida YMCA Aquatic Center, Orlando, Florida.
  • Bids for USMS 1999 LC, SC, and Long Distance National Championship meets due to respective committee chairs.
  • **USAS sends convention registration list to National Office. USMS Secretary notifies the LMSCs who have not sent delegate certifications.
  • **1998 Working Calendar comments, additions and deletions due to USMS Secretary, Suzanne Rague.
  • Editorial material due to SWIM Magazine USMS Editor for November/December issue.
  • Rule Book cover submissions and bids to print the rule book due to Rule Book editor.
  • Period for 1997 reduced-fee registration begins.
  • Mail on-deck coaching assignments for Convention.
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to National Registrar.
24th - 28th
  • USAS Annual Convention, Burlingame, California.
  • 1997 Ransom Arthur Award presented.
  • Group Exemption 501(c)(3) status report due to IRS.
  • End of Long Course Meter season.
  • **Long Distance National Championship packets due to hosts of next year's event.
  • LMSC Registrars send reports to National Registrar
  • Final copies of Legislation/Long Distance/Rules changes due to Rule Book Editor from chairmen.
  • LMSC LCM Top Ten reports due to Top Ten Chair.
  • **President reviews committee assignments.

Ellaine Cox

At the Convention this year, we will be giving each registered convention attendee a three ring binder, with handles, in place of another brief case. We want you to know this so that you can have all of your agendas and committee information, legislation, etc. all printed on 3 hole punched paper.

Everything that you normally ship to the convention or normally mail has to go to a company called Champion Exposition Services. Deb Turner will be mailing Tracy more information regarding the address and when your shipments should arrive, etc. The hotel does not have any storage space therefore, to discourage anyone from shipping/mailing to the hotel they charge heavily to receive items.


Each LMSC shall comply with the financial record keeping and reporting requirements of USMS. The LMSC shall forward to the USMS National Office the minutes of the annual meeting and annual financial reports within four months of the end of the LMSC's fiscal year (April 30th).

This announcement has been made in the Winter, Spring and now Summer issues of NYCU. A letter was sent in June to the Chairmen of the delinquent LMSC's. Following is a list of the LMSC's that the N.O. still has not received reports from:

Annual Meeting Minutes
Alaska, Allegheny Mountain, Central, Colorado, Gulf, Iowa, Maryland, Metropolitan, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, New Jersey, North Dakota, North Texas, Oklahoma, Ozark, Snake River, South Carolina, South Dakota, SPMA

Alaska, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Midwestern, Missouri Valley, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ozark, SPMA

Please! Communicate and let me know what's going on. Thanks.


For those of you interested in the VII FINA World Masters Swimming Championships in Casablanca, June 19th - 26th, the National Office now has the Entry Booklet and Accommodation Guide, available for $2 (to cover photo coping and postage).
Below is the revised schedule for swimming:

Wednesday, June 17th training
Thursday, June 18th training
Friday, June 19th 200 IM
50 Fly
100 Free
Saturday, June 20th 200 Breast
400 Free
Sunday, June 21st 400 IM
100 Breast
200 Mixed Medley Relay
Monday, June 22nd 200 Back
50 Breast
100 Fly
Tuesday, June 23rd 200 Free
50 Back
200 Mixed Free Relay
Wednesday, June 24th 200 Fly
50 Free
100 Back
Thursday, June 25th 800 Free
Friday, June 26th 5K Open Water

All competitors in the 1998 VII World Masters Swimming Championships must pay the one time US $30 registration fee. Additional event fees are $7 per individual event, $28 per relay and $30 for the 5K Open Water.


The National Office has one more (only one) FINA Handbook 1996-1998 available for $15. If you are interested, let me know. First come first served!


To receive a "free" subscription to the FINA Masters News, contact:
FINA Permanent Office
Avenue de Beaumont 9
1012 Lausanne, Switzerland
Phone 41-21-312-6602 Fax 41-21-312-6610


Joe Tesmer

I sent a survey to all committee members concerning the direction of the Fitness Committee and selling of the fitness program. The comments were greatly appreciated and I have been trying to follow up on several of them.

Legislation is being drafted that is applicable to the fitness committee, specifically relating to One Event Registration and fitness events.

Mo Chambers wrote an article on fitness swimmers for the March/April issue of SWIM. Jane Katz has submitted a series of brief articles to Fitness Swimmer on behalf of the USMS Fitness Committee.

Letters to the LMSC Chairs and Fitness Chairs, Newsletter Editors and Zone Representatives were mailed in early May. These letters solicited bids for fitness events, nominations for the Fitness Program Award and asking for support for out upcoming fitness events.

Fitness Event Summary
Scott Rabalais has offered to publish brief summaries of fitness event results in SWIM.

Fitness Package
David Grilli reports some success in computerizing the package. An advertisement was placed in SWIM and a number of packages have been sent out to interested swimmers. More articles are always wanted.

Lorie Gibson-Rick has volunteered to try to place a survey on fitness events on the USMS web page.

LMSC Guide book/Fitness Handbook
A draft of a guide is being put together for discussion at Convention. I will be discussing this with the Sports Medicine Committee.

Insurance Committee Liaison
Colleen Driscoll is now the liaison on our committee from the Insurance Committee.

Joan Smith

I have received many newsletters from the various LMSC's that I have found very interesting. Also, I have had requests for photos of various swim meets, persons participating, etc., from fitness magazines, and other inquiries as to the history and number of members involved in the USMS program. I certainly have appreciated all the newspaper clippings, etc., that I have received from our members. Thank you!!!

The Historian's Books and the various newsletters will be on exhibit in the Hospitality Room at our upcoming convention in Burlingame in September. I hope that you will take advantage of viewing them.

My plan is to find someone to take over the Historian's position with the new officers. I have asked someone known to me that is interested, but if there are others that might also be interested, please make our new president aware.

Colleen Driscoll

I made a request to our insurance broker, Sandi Blumit, asking for "questions and answers to commonly asked insurance questions". After reviewing and making any necessary changes, this will be distributed at the upcoming Convention. I will be serving as the interim liaison to the Fitness Committee.

Paul Windrath

Pan Pacific Championships
The Pan Pac Championship at the Lahaina Aquatic Center was a success. There were 1,113 swimmers from 23 countries at the meet. There were about 4,200 splashes as well as 252 relays. There were a total of 38 new world records. There will be a scrap book at Convention containing pictures, newspaper articles, results, etc.

FINA Rules Proposals
The FINA rule proposals with regard to age determination, 19-24 year olds, and recognizing world records set in USS meets were discussed in an open forum at Pan Pacs. Unfortunately, none of the Pacific rim countries support the USMS positions with regard to age determination and world records. Therefore, during convention we will limit our discussion to the positions of the rest of the world and will develop no rule proposals for Ross Wales to take to FINA.

1998 FINA World Championships
A number of rule modifications were proposed: No False Start Rule, only swim mixed relays, more relaxed qualification standards where applicable, and including the 400 Free for all competitors.

Nike World Games
This event is over 12 months away and represents a major international swim event in this country. Sandi Rousseau is the Commissioner of the Swim Competition.

Nancy Ridout

Since the last issue of Streamlines...From the National Office, the 1997 USMS Survey, commissioned by the Marketing Committee, has been completed. We are now in the process of reviewing the results and will share them at the USMS Convention in September. Surveys were mailed to a 1,300 member sample of USMS and about 1,000 were returned! It was thought that 1,300 were needed to get a return of 500. The company was very impressed.

Babs Larsen

LMSC Handbook
The 2nd part of the handbook was late, we are brainstorming ways to ways to get it out sooner. Anyone with comments - please send on.

Exit Survey Results
The Exit Survey Results from the 1996 Convention was a good idea. Comments regarding the Registration Committee Meeting were appreciated.

Evaluation of the position of National Registrar
Evaluation of the position of National Registrar is even more important now that there is a new Executive Secretary. As job descriptions are redefined and the possible recommendation that a Business Manger may be hired part time to help with the Finance Committee and the Marketing Committee, feed back from the LMSC Registrars about their expectations of the National Registrar is extremely important. The Registration committee sent out a survey to all LMSC Registrars to obtain this information. The National Registrars have been asked to keep a log of the activities that they perform for USMS.

30 Day Waivers
An inquiry was received about 30 Day Waivers. This 30 day waiver is for swimmers who are interested in joining a local club but are not sure if USMS is the type of program that they would be able or want to commit to. A suggestion for the 30 Day Waiver is to use the USMS Liability Release (203.1) found in the USMS Rule Book. This gives insurance coverage to all registered USMS swimmers in supervised practices with these "tryout" swimmers. It is important that this waiver include a starting date of participation. The original should be kept by the local club, but a copy should be sent to the LMSC registrar to keep track of these swimmers. Only one 30 day waiver per swimmer per year in an LMSC. This is not formal policy... but a uniformed suggested policy should/can be included in the next LMSC handbook

Thank you to those LMSC's who submitted their annual registration forms. Those LMSC's who design their own have been creative and thorough.

Ted Haartz

Following the 1996 Aquatics Convention in Orlando, FL, I attended the United States Swimming Board of Directors meetings in Colorado Springs, January 17-19 and May 2-4, 1997. The January meeting was held at the Le Barron Hotel while the May meeting took place in the new US Swimming Headquarters building which was dedicated on Saturday, May 3, with various dignitaries including FINA President, Mustapha Larfaoui and FINA Treasurer, Julio Maglione in attendance.

Of major importance at the May meeting was the selection of a new executive director to succeed the retiring Ray Essex who has been with Swimming since it separation from AAU. The new executive director is Chuck Wielgus who will be "on board" as of July 15, 1997.

Information from USS of mutual interest to USMS has been provided to President Mel for disposition as he saw fit. USS Quarterly Safety bulletins were sent to Safety Chair, Forrest Sullivan.

The next meeting of the USS Board will be at 10:00 AM, Tuesday, September 23, 1997 at the Aquatics Convention to be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport Hotel in Burlingame, CA.

From Nancy Ridout

I can't begin to tell you what time and effort (and frustration) has gone into revising Places To Swim for 1997. It was our intention to get all the listings in a data base format, but our efforts seemed foiled at every turn. However, thanks to Tracy, the 1997 revision will be published by the time this newsletter reaches you. She has overcome all obstacles and gotten it done. This is a service that is of interest to many of our members and Tracy has my everlasting gratitude for her "above and beyond" effort in this project.


If you have an insurance question, contact:
Sandi Blumit, USMS broker
Peak Insurance Group
2800 N Central Ave., Suite 500
P.O. Box 32712
Phoenix, AZ 85064-2712
Phone 800-777-4930 x 245


Ooops! I forgot to include the Rule Book Committee on the list of those who get a "complimentary" USMS Rule Book. Sorry!


If you do, would you contact Nancy Ridout, Pacific Masters Registrar at 415-892-0771. Thanks!


Hill Carrow recently accepted a position with the U.S. Olympic Committee as corporate marketing director and vice president of its new properties division, Olympic Properties of the United States (OPUS). Hill's new office address will be:
U.S. Olympic Committee
One Olympic Plaza
Colorado Springs, CO 80909