USMS All-Americans from Lake Erie LMSC

The following swimmers swam the fastest time in the nation in one or more events since 1993 among swimmers of their sex and age group in a pool event and are currently registered with this LMSC or were identified with this LMSC when they were last registered (according to the Top Ten databases). In most cases this results in their being awarded "All-American" status, but that is determined well after the availability of the Top Ten and published by the national office of USMS. Also, this report only includes individual, pool swims; it does not include relay or open water swims. Please report any errors, omissions or suggestions to the Web Steward. (updated 3/20/3)

Paul Krup (18 O*H*, 43 #1 swims)
Jack R Groselle (18 O*H*, 39 #1 swims , photo)
Yoshi Oyakawa (18 O*H*, 33 #1 swims, story, photo)
Dexter E Woodford (18 O*H*, 29 #1 swims)
Anton M Cerer (18 O*H*, 26 #1 swims)
John R Florance (18 O*H*, 17 #1 swims , photo)
M J Amsbary (18 O*H*, 10 #1 swims)
Peter Van Dijk (18 O*H*, 9 #1 swims)
Susie R Rabiah (18 O*H*)
William W Ritchey (18 O*H*)
Lilly Kron (18 O*H*)
Joe N Reinhardt (18 O*H*)
Matthew A Kinney (18 KEN)
Wayne C King (18 O*H*)
Dale E Korner (18 O*H*)
Jacqueline A Bak (18 UNAT)
Todd D Clark (18 UCS)
Harry W Greenfield (18 O*H*)
Beth Hanks (18 O*H*)
Patrick J Helmuth (18 O*H*)
Sylvia H Hill (18 O*H*)
Karl H Kazmaier (18 O*H*)
Ryno R Markgraaff (18 O*H*)
Jennifer A Remle (18 O*H*)
Diane F Rothenberg (18 O*H*)
Betty J Russ (18 O*H*)

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