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The mission of the SwimGold Top Ten web site is to provide easy to find information about USMS people and competition for archival and promotional purposes. It provides information at the national level, by geographic area, for clubs (provided they have at least 30 registered USMS swimmers) and for individual swimmers. The information it presents is entirely oriented to rankings and to people, so it includes Top Ten, records, stories and photographs. It is not a news or discussion site, nor does it include information about swim meets or information about the business of running USMS. For these, see the USMS Home Page and the web sites of LMSC's and clubs. The formats for presenting this information include the Internet and also a CD suitable for use in computers without Internet access including kiosks at the International Swimming Hall of Fame and the USAA Training Center in Colorado Springs.

The general spirit behind the availability of this information is that many people should have reasons to be celebrated. The many ways of presenting information helps in this. The more opportunities we have for stories on swimmers and the merits of swimming, the better we serve the purposes of USMS.

Data Flow

Information from a dozen or so different databases feeds into the SwimGold Top Ten web site. In the list below, those that are linked are on-line databases, and those not linked are not on-line (Registration, Clubs, and the swimmer id). Each of these databases is important to our mission.

The Critical Databases

USMS Records History: the ISHOF Nomination Committee project.
USMS All-Stars History: by year since 1987.
USMS All-Americans History: by year since 1972.
USMS Top Ten by Age: by year, course & age group since 1993.
USMS Top Ten Relays: since 1998.
USMS Records: current only.
FINA Masters World Records: current only.
Remembering USMS All-Americans: who have passed on.
The Registration File, The Club File, The Permanent Swimmer ID File

Rankings, Data Extracts & Evaluation

By relating these databases, it is possible to present information in many different ways suitable for different purposes....
All-Americans (swims since 1993)
Top Ten Detail by LMSC
Top Ten Summary by LMSC
Summary by Club

Links to Information About Individual People

USMS All-Stars: by swimmer by last name.
USMS All-Americans: by swimmer by last name.
Top Ten Index: by swimmer by birthday.
Top Ten Names: by swimmer by name.
Top Ten Search: an automated search procedure allowing use of character strings (parts of names).

Beyond Data

Text & Images

Stories about USMS Swimmers
USMS Oral History Project: informal contributions to our archives.
The History Project
Swimming Esthetics
USMS Photo Gallery: integrated with databases.
Swim Magazine Photos: not integrated, 2000+ images.


This web site contains some information serves current (not archival) purposes in USMS, including....
History & Archives Committee
Top Ten Home Page


SwimGold Friends (courtesy pages)
misc. information about LMSC's
SwimGold Home Page

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