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The history of the LMSC for Virginia and Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST) are entwined because Masters Swimming in Virginia began with one team. Consequently, the early organizers of the LMSC were also VMST members.

At present there are several teams in Virginia, but approximately 70% are VMST members. It has required an emphasis on communication and cooperation to maintain a state-wide team. A concentrated effort has been made to avoid allowing one area to dominate the leadership of the LMSC and the team. Swimmers from around the state are encouraged to participate as officers and committee chairmen. The newsletter editors over the years have strived to get information from and mention as many people as possible. VMST promotes team unity at National Championships by providing some type of team apparel for all participants and by funding all relays so that as many members as possible have the chance to be a member of a relay team.

To maintain the vitality of the organizations, it is necessary to bring new people into positions of leadership. While the members of "the old guard" are still active, some have stepped back to make way for the next wave of leaders. It is important, however, that the contributions of the older members are remembered.

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