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A great deal of the history of USMS is in the memories of people who are getting on in years. Our archives are not preserved with the disciplines used, for example, at the International Swimming Hall of Fame where a professional archivist is on staff. In order to capture this information before it is lost, the USMS History project was initiated in 1996. This project has several parts as follows....

All-Americans Since 1972 : The published reports wherein USMS All-Americans have been named have been converted to a computerized database by Meegan Wilson and Carl House and proof-read by Ceil Blackwell , Sally Dillon , Maureen Koss , Peter Lee , Esther Lyman , Debbie Morrin, Ginger Pierson , Joan Smith , Joe Tesmer , Skip Thompson, Earl Walter , Rhea Wilkins, Rick Windes , Mary Beth Windrath and Jill Wright. This was a very difficult task and the process by which it was completed has been documented at: the Process for Building an "All-Americans Since 1972" Database , - the Status Summary for "All-Americans Since 1972" Database , - and Verification Status for "All-Americans Since 1972" Database .

All-Americans Ever: The all-time database of All-Americans has been reorganized into a report of the All-American History for Each All-American . In addition, the 100 swimmers named All-American most often , the 100 swimmers named All-American for pool swims most often , and the 50 swimmers named All-American for long distance events most often have been identified.

Appendix F of the Rule Book : Every person listed in Appendix F of the USMS Rule Book and the ISHOF Honorees who have participated in USMS have been included in a database.

USMS Historian's Documents : The "Blue Book" copied and distributed by Ham and Mildred Anderson from 1971 to 1989 has been reviewed and selected documents are being typed and added to the USMS Historical Archives by Joan Smith, Debbie Cavanaugh , Peter Lee, Jerianne Donnelly and Brian Keeney . This information has been gathered to help provide context for the information about swimmers who have been named USMS All-Americans since the beginnning in 1972. It is on this web site so that links can be created between athletic accomplishments and the roles that those swimmers played in the history of USMS.

Stories and Photos: Material from Swim Magazine, Swim-Master, various LMSC newsletters, and USMS historical documents plus photos taken at USMS swim meets plus material submitted by swimmers and LMSC officers is being compiled into stories and photos about our top level swimmers. This information is being augmented with photographs from the USMS Historian's albums and from the International Hall of Fame by Rick Windes and Ed Ames, respectively.

Web Site Design and Horizontal Links : Web sites are organized by the sources or types of materials they present. So Top Ten information is one place, All-American information is in another, and photos, stories, and historical documents are all in other places. This means it is very hard to find in the archives all that we have on a certain swimmer. Our means for making sure that all that we have on any individual swimmer is readily available is through horizontal links. A good example of this is in June Krauser 's web page. If you start clicking on these links and if you know much about our people, you will have a splendid time following the links. You will also see that we have many more links to add. Getting started in finding information about yourself or someone else will be helped by an All-American Search Facility similar to the Top Ten Search Facility which is marked by the following button: TTSrch. The All-American database includes a total of 3251 swimmers named All-American since 1972. We've identified 1948 of the 3251; that means we know their birthday. The Top Ten database includes 7571 identified swimmers who made Top Ten since 1993. 1643 swimmers are in both databases. That means 22% of swimmers who have made Top Ten since 1993 have been named All-American (though maybe prior to 1993).

Please help ! : Certain other pages are important to understanding the status of this effort to document the history of USMS and how YOU can help . We have at least a brief story on most of our most prominent people, but there are thirty-four more stories needed. In addition to this information desired for our most prominent people, there are 52 All-Americans not adequately identified who were named All-American multiple times. Please give us complete names, birthdays, and LMSC if you can. We need your help !

This information is dependent on sources we have discovered. If you have new material on the history of USMS and its people, please submit it to History & Archives Committee - fax 508 8886 6265 or Two Peter Ave., Rutland MA 01543.

In addition to those named above, others have helped, including Keith Bell and Sandy Nielsen-Bell, Dorothy Donnelly Remembering... , Betsy Durrant , Susan Epps, June Krauser, Janice Krauser, James Krueger , Preston and Rita Levi, Nancy Ridout , George Simon, Meg Smath , John Spannuth , Vicki Stewart, and Bill and Enid Uhrich . Another ingredient that has been essential to our success has been the remarkable contribution of server space and technical support from TRACI Communications, Inc., the Internet Service Provider for the Top Ten web site. This project is dedicated to Dorothy Donnelly whose ever present spirit has provided encouragement even when there was no other encouragement, and whose knowledge and love for USMS and its people seem boundless. This project could not have been done without Dorothy, and it also could not have been done without Meegan Wilson.

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