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We are developing answers to these questions. Let us know if you think other questions should be included. And also see FAQs at the USMS Home Page.

What are the USMS Top Ten times?

United States Masters Swimming (USMS) tabulates the ten fastest times in each event and each age group by sex and by course every year and publishes these lists as the "USMS Top Ten".

Where can I find regional, national, and world masters records?

Regional records are kept by each LMSC. USMS National records and FINA Masters World Records are available on-line. World records are also available in a publication from FINA .

What meets are recognized for Top Ten times?

Meets must be sanctioned or recognized. Meets sanctioned by USS are automatically recognized (rule 202.2) by USMS for records and Top Ten times.

Can I hold a time trial?

You cannot hold a time trial (see above).

How are times submitted?

Times are submitted for Top Ten by the Top Ten recorder of each LMSC who is responsible for submitting times for all swimmers competing in meets sanctioned by his or her LMSC.

When are the results published? How can I get a copy?

See second paragraph at the Top Ten home page and publications, patches and certificates .

What awards can I win?

Swimmers who are listed in the Top Ten rankings can order patches and certificates . Swimmers who have the fastest time in the nation for their age group and sex in any event and course are named All-American in the spring of each year. All Stars are those swimmers that had the most first places in their age group. You must be registered with USMS to be eligible to be included in the Top Ten rankings.

What can be done about a mistake on the list?

Get in touch with your top-ten recorder to look into the matter and contact Pieter Cath, Chairman of the Records & Tabulation Committee. It is always possible that your time was not submitted before the deadline and if that is the case, it is not eligible for Top Ten.

Is there a compilation of what rankings I've achieved?

See the the Top Ten name index or the Top Ten Search Facility .

How can I locate or find more about a swimmer?

See: "How to Locate a USMS Swimmer".

How can I help?

Nearly all leadership and volunteer efforts in USMS take place at the club and LMSC level, so contact your local officers. Click here for more information.

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