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Festus - LOVE LOVE Swimming
Ozark LMSC
Jefferson Cty YMCA, Vetta Sports-Concord & Webster University
1403 YMCA Drive Festus, MO 63028
Lap Swim / Workout Times: Mon 5pm, Wed,&Fri. 6:30pm (YMCA). Thurs. (6:30pm) & Sat. (9:30am) we are at Vetta Sports-Concord, St. Louis. We are a slow self paced Program. It's fun, it's based on fun all the time. We teach comfort, then control then mechanics. Come see us!
Contacts: Rudolph Oates, programs@loveswimming.org, 573-358-7727 Office/Fax, 573-366-0410 Cell
Web Site: http://www.loveswimming.org
Miscellaneous Info: Our SA Adult Prog/USMS Club is a place where you can learn how to overcome your fear & be a Master Swimmer like your neighbor. Our Program will take you through all the steps you need to overcome your fears, in deep water & open water.
Record Last Updated: 2/2/11

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