Illinois Member Directory
If you are not listed here and would like to be, you can be added by requesting an E-Mail alias in the domain. Note that only individual aliases are listed here - LMSC officer aliases are not listed.

LMSC Member Name
Illinois Owen Ackerman
Illinois Owen Ackerman
Illinois Elizabeth Barbosa
Illinois Jeff Blumenthal
Illinois Mary Bradbury
Illinois Laura Carroll
Illinois Chris Colburn
Illinois Christopher Colburn
Illinois Irene David
Illinois Jane del Greco
Illinois Steve Dueball
Illinois Amy Goodwin
Illinois Amy Goodwin
Illinois Cynthia Jones
Illinois Todd Keil
Illinois Vinny Kucich
Illinois Brent Lightfoot
Illinois Bob Lundeen
Illinois Lisa Luttenegger
Illinois Michael McDonnell
Illinois Mike McGowan
Illinois John Pratt
Illinois Clarice Rossi
Illinois Clarice Rossi
Illinois Carl Saxton
Illinois Howard Schein
Illinois Susan Smar
Illinois Don Sortor
Illinois Greg Taylor
Illinois Greg Taylor
Illinois Al Zamsky
Illinois Robert Zeitner

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