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The USMS Go the Distance program is a free fitness event. Track your miles swum in our online Fitness Log, reach key milestones, and gain online recognition for your achievements. Sign up now.
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PaceMakers raise $5,000 for Swimming Saves Lives Foundation - Mar 21, 2017
New England Masters workout group use the 1-Hour ePostal as a fundraiser
Finding the Right Training Fins - Mar 21, 2017
Ever wonder what all those fins really do?
Final Top 10 for SCM 2016 Posted - Mar 20, 2017
Searchable listings available for individuals and relays
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Correcting technique can be difficult, but it’s an important part of coaching
Time to Ditch the Kickboard - Mar 13, 2017
We don't swim with our heads up, so why kick that way?
Don’t Let Resolutions Jeopardize Your Training - Mar 10, 2017
Setting realistic nutrition expectations
Adding Style to Your Swim Gear - Mar 7, 2017
Fly your team colors with customizable goggles
Operations Summer Internship Available - Mar 6, 2017
Help out with membership, events, and programs
Marketing Summer Internship Available - Mar 6, 2017
Help out with marketing, publications, and communications

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Coach Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location Levels Offered
Apr 1, 2017Bozeman, Mont.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Apr 8, 2017Washington, D.C.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Apr 22, 2017Charlotte, N.C.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
May 6, 2017Bentonville, Ark.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
May 13, 2017Portland, Ore.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
May 20, 2017Chicago, Ill.Level 1Level 2  Register Now
Jun 3, 2017Portland, MaineLevel 1Level 2  Register Now
Aug 19, 2017Missoula, Mont.Level 3
Aug 26, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 1Level 2
Sep 9, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.Level 3
Sep 13, 2017Dallas, TexasLevel 1Level 2
Sep 23, 2017Louisville, Ky.Level 1Level 2
Sep 30, 2017Detroit, Mich.Level 1Level 2
Oct 7, 2017Boston, Mass.Level 3
Oct 14, 2017Minneapolis, Minn.Level 1Level 2
Oct 21, 2017Washington, D.C.Level 3
Nov 4, 2017Chicago, Ill.Level 3
Nov 11, 2017San Francisco Bay area, Calif.Level 3
Nov 18, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.Level 3
Dec 2, 2017Las Vegas, Nev.Level 1Level 2
Additional Coach Certification Course Information

Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Schedule

Course Date Location
Apr 1, 2017Walnut Creek, Calif.  Register Now
Apr 9, 2017Pittsburgh, Pa.  Register Now
Apr 22, 2017Coeur d'Alene, Idaho  Register Now
Aug 20, 2017Missoula, Mont.
Sep 13, 2017Dallas, Texas
Sep 23, 2017Chicago, Ill.
Sep 30, 2017Portland, Maine
Oct 7, 2017Charlotte, N.C.
Oct 14, 2017San Antonio, Texas
Oct 21, 2017Detroit, Mich.
Nov 4, 2017Phoenix, Ariz.
Nov 11, 2017Los Angeles, Calif.
Nov 12, 2017Berkeley Heights, N.J.
Nov 18, 2017Louisville, Ky.
Dec 3, 2017Las Vegas, Nev.
Dec 9, 2017Sarasota, Fla.
Additional Adult Learn-to-Swim Instructor Certification Course Information
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