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USMS Oral History
The Oral History project is provided and supported by the USMS History & Archives Committee. Oral History offers an opportunity to any one to give honor to a Masters Swimmer who has in some significant way made an impact on the sport, on a local team, or on a particular person. This is not necessarily one of our elite swimmers - in fact, it is geared more to those who have "labored in the fields" and changed some aspect of Masters Swimming for the better. When we have sufficient information on a certain person, it may become a "story" which we report here.

Oral History Contributors

[ List Entries by Honorees ]

Date sortedContributor Honorees
Jul 19, 2000 Carol Standerfer Catherine Standerfer
Jul 19, 2000 Elfriede Rogers Carol M Laird
Jul 19, 2000 Abba J Kastin Abba J Kastin
Jul 19, 2000 Elfriede Rogers Elfriede A Rogers
Jul 19, 2000 Abba J Kastin Isadore I Kastin
Apr 21, 2002 Stan Werbin Nancy J Ridout
Jul 19, 2000 Bertie Hoyt Kitty B Barnum
Oct 1, 2000 Judy Laury Wallace W Laury
Jul 19, 2000 Pat Sengstock Nancy C Lawrence
Jul 19, 2000 Elfriede Rogers Patricia A Cullum
Apr 21, 2002 Stan Werbin Gail Werbin
Jul 19, 2000 Abba J Kastin Graham M Johnston
Jul 19, 2000 Bertie Hoyt Dorothy L Kimmel
Jul 19, 2000 Pat Sengstock Watson A Lawrence
Jul 19, 2000 Grace Altus Winston W Kratz, Grace T Altus
Apr 21, 2002 Rich Barkan Pearl Sobel, Gerson Sobel, Adeline A Quinn
Dec 2, 2001 John Bauman George S Trawicki
Jul 19, 2000 Helen Bayly Helen H Bayly, Jo W Lacy
Jul 19, 2000 Richard Bennett L Jerry Bennett, Richard L Bennett
Jul 19, 2000 Abrasha Brainin Eugene Jennings
Jul 19, 2000 Marcia Cleveland G Harold (Gus) Langner
Jul 19, 2000 George Cunningham Elfriede A Rogers, Peggy Luchessi
Apr 14, 2001 Sally Dillon Margery Meyer
Jul 19, 2000 Dorothy Donnelly Margie Hutinger
Mar 18, 2002 Barbara Dunbar
Dec 8, 2001 Edna Gordon Ruth D Switzer
Jan 2, 2002 Edie Gruender Edie B Gruender, Art Kaufman, Gary J Weisenthal
Apr 21, 2002 Dick Guido G Harold (Gus) Langner
Nov 21, 2000 Ann Guins Donald J Kroeger
Jul 19, 2000 Ted Haartz Joan P Smith, F H Ted Haartz, Larry E Smith, June Krauser, Bill J Uhrich, Helmut F (Hal) Onusseit
Aug 11, 2000 Keith Harries Keith Harries
Jul 19, 2000 Bob Hopkins Bob Hopkins, Clarence Ross
Feb 23, 2001 Carl House Scott F Rabalais, Cav Cavanaugh, Rorie M Anderson, James E Lilley, Judy M Bonning, Randy Nutt, Joel J Burns
Dec 8, 2001 Margie Hutinger Doris C Prokopi, Elmer L Luke, Frank J Starr, Alan Maloney, Gladys Olsen, Paul Hutinger
Sep 21, 2000 Paul Hutinger Kay M Schimpf, Dick Upsall, Alan Maloney, Paul Hutinger, Irene David, Dr. Konrad P Euler, Barbara J Jackson, Arthur M Koblish
Dec 29, 2000 Cathy Mancino June Krauser
Jul 27, 2001 Jim Matysek Donald E Agate, Joseph C Reiners
Jul 19, 2000 Tony Riker Tony Riker, Irving B Weber
May 7, 2001 Gail Roper Winston W Kratz, Heather Buckendahl Baggett, Richard K Smith, June Krauser, Sylvia Bailey, Paul Thompson, Walter R Pfeiffer, Jim R Eubank, Gail Roper
Jan 6, 2001 Sandy Steer Sally A Dillon, Bill Volckening, Florence E Carr, Sandy L Steer, Jayne M Lambke, Charlotte Petersen, Lisa A Hudak, Carl House, Gary A Bastie, George E Bole, Harwell P Moseley, Bruce E Day, , Sarah L Tyler, Jayne M Lambke
Jul 19, 2000 Rose Steward Jean E Ditsworth, Edie B Gruender, Rose P Steward
Jan 5, 2002 Frank Tillotson Ray S Burns, June Krauser, Loring Snag E Holmes, Robert E Beach, Clarence Ross, John T Brown, Wally L Spence, Lynn Cartee, Frank H Tillotson
Jul 19, 2000 Earl Walter Collister M Wheeler, Earl Walter, Dawn E Musselman
Apr 21, 2002 Gary Weisenthal James (Doc) E Counsilman, Rose P Steward, Edie B Gruender, Ashby Harper
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