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  1. Learning how to "Blast" 02/22/12

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 05:37 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    500 back/free
    500 pull, locomotive
    300 kick (w/zoomers)
    12 x 50 on :50, 70-80-90% by 4's
    200 easy
    9 x 100 free on 1:30, descend 1-3, progressive - I did NOT do as well as I would have liked on this set - was behind Jennifer & Annie (Annie leading) & had to put on my pulling equipment for the last 4!
    100 easy
    Lots of talking - big mistake - arms got soooo tight!
    300 breast/free
    4 x 50, blast the first 20m, coast the last 30 on 15 sec rest

    Total: 3600LCM

    Kids are tapering for Senior Champs - which is perfect for me, because this means I actually am getting a more quality workout - and not just an extended warm-up for my practice time. Learning how to "blast" is a blast! The first one, I pushed off and started spinning my arms (rather ineffectually!) it was crazy ridiculous! Next one I sort of did a build for the first 2-3 strokes & blasted the rest - much more effectual for me. How do those crazy sprinters do it? Tomorrow I am going to do more of those & then some build to sprint sets. Also some butterly. I am planning to do David Salo's 8 x 100 on 4:30 evaluation set on Monday - that should be interesting!! And FUN! (Who knew sprinting could be such a blast? too bad I'm not any good at it!!)
  2. 2000 yards

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 03:35 PM (Nobody Special)
    100 warm up

    4x100 free (w/fins) 2 m int

    10x50 free (w/o fins) 1 m int

    10x50 back (w/fins) 1 m int

    1x100 (w/fins)
    1x100 (w/o fins)
    1x100 (w/fins)
    1x100 (w/o fins) - all on 2 m int

    100 warm down
  3. Workout 02/22/12:

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 03:23 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    - 200 FR/200 BK/200 IM drill
    - go two times through:
    -- 4 x 50 on :60
    -- 4 x 75 on :1:30
    --> first = kick, second = pull w/ buoy

    Work your way down to the sprintlands:
    - 200 FR on base/100 (2:40)
    - 2 x 150 FR on base/100 (2:00)
    - 3 x 100 FR on base (1:20)
    - 4 x 75 FR on base (:60)
    -- third's fast, last DPS
    - 6 x 50 FR on :60
    -- DPS, 6/8/10/12 FAST breakout (no breath) then cruise, DPS
    - 8 x 25 on :40 IMO
    -- (first set=perfect technique, second set = AFAP)

    - 50 EZ, 100 IM timed (1:10.23), 50 EZ
    - 2 x 100 FR with paddles on 1:15
    - 200 w/d
    (solo/Rec/3800/70 min)

    First swim since Saturday, so I was feeling a little rusty. I was going to swim Sunday after church, but my wife made plans to spend the day in Albany and hit some malls. I tried to sneak in at a Y over in that area, but was told that drop-ins were not allowed. It was nice to spend the afternoon with everyone, and of course the pool was closed Monday for the holiday. Today I got to the pool earlier than normal and no one was in the fast lane, so I stuck with my plan of a longer warmup and more kicking. After the 200 at the top of the mountain, 4 people hopped in so I did my best to stay on pace and swim around people.

    I actually wanted to get some backstroke in, but with so many people swimming navigation became an issue so I continued with free until the short stuff. My idea here was to get some aerobic distance in then transition to speed play and AFAP swims with more rest. It felt good.

    My times were for the long ones were 2:22, 1:49, 1:51, then I remember holding 1:09's on the 100's. The 50's were based on a post that the Fortress made a while back and that I referenced in my LT set blog category over on the sidebar - crank 'em in the beginning then cruse it out. Did not breathe to work a bit on my lungs and came in at :34 on those ones. The stroke 25's felt really good.

    The 100 IM time was ok - I am still playing with the breaststroke so it does not feel good to swim it. Oh well. I was going to do more 100's with the paddles, but I felt cooked - water temp was a cool 84 today and I have not slept well the past few nights, so I just got in some warmdown before hopping out.

    Beautiful day here in VT - 51 degrees and hardly a cloud in the ski. Going for a walk later with my wife. Not only has our state been hurt with skiers not visiting due to low snow, but the even more lucrative business of snowmobiling is hurting big time. I have read that at least the maple syrup stands are boiling, although it is still to be seen if the lack of very cold days this early in the year will effect the total yield for the spring.
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  4. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -02/23/12

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 02:18 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    2 X 200 3:20 3:00
    4 X 100 1:40 1:30
    2 X 100 kick 2:15 -
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    6 X 25 fast :30
    1 X 50 easy 1:00
    Three rounds, all choice.

    1 X 100 easy 2:00
    1 X 50 build to fast 1:15
    1 X 50 @ 100%
    Four rounds. All choice.

    8 X 200 free
    1-4 on 2:45
    5-8 on 2:35
    Swim or pull

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  5. Fun with 400s!

    This morning I did Patrick’s workout #3 for this week, “[ame=""]Fun with 500s[/ame]”—only I adapted it a bit for LCM. As on Monday, I was accompanied by a double shift of local swim buddies—Mark joined me for the last part of the warmup through the 150s on the main set, and Bill wandered in as I was warming down and convinced me to swim a bit more so he would have a pace partner. If they don’t start coordinating their workout times I will be one tired and sore swimmer by the time I return to the city!

    Here’s how it went—I only changed up the warmup a little bit today:

    Extended warmup
    400 easy swim (200 FR, 50 BK, 50 FR, 50 BK, 50 BR/FR)
    200 reverse IM kick/drill by 25
    4 x 100 FR @ 2:00, gentle descend [1:45 > 1:35]
    4 x 100 K @ 2:30, desc. , alternating 25 FL / 25 BK [I did evens BR/FR and odds FL/BK]
    6 x 50: 1 FR, 4 IM order build within each, 1 FR
    4 x 25 w/ fins: 5-6-7-8 strokes AFAP off wall [or from middle of pool on evens]
    100 easy

    Main set
    4 x 100 @ 2:00, hold 1:30 or under [1:29, 1:28, 1:28, 1:27]
    200 easy pull
    3 x 150 @ 3:00, hold 2:15 or under [2:15, 2:14-high, 2:12]
    250 easy swim/pull
    2 x 200 @ 4:30, hold 3:00 or under [2:59, 3:00-high, it was frustrating to miss the pace on the last swim!]
    200 easy pull
    [My main challenge with this set was not to dread what was coming, since I was trying to hold the same pace over increasing distances. It was tough to imagine adding a length or two to the 100s, which were already pretty taxing. I managed to hold my pace until the very last swim—I could see on the mid-pool clock that it would be close, but I came in just over my goal time. I tried not to be too chagrinned about that—my greatest weakness as a mid-d swimmer is wanting to save too much to the last (I’m an excellent negative splitter), so putting in enough effort at the beginning of a set that I reach failure at the end of it is actually a good thing for me. Or at least that’s how I tried to spin it to myself!

    I then decided to reward myself for the hard effort with a couple of my favorite 700s:

    1 x 700 FR/BK, switching up strokes in a 1/1/2/1/3/1/4/1 (lengths) pattern, done at whatever-feels-good speed

    I had grabbed a kickboard and was about to embark on a similar 700 with FR and BR kick when Bill arrived. I first told him I was too tired to swim with him, but when he asked about my workout I showed it to him, and suggested the main set done backwards, with effort increasing as the intervals decreased, as a very Bill-suitable set (he likes to swim around 2000 total, and doesn’t kick or do strokes.) But after stopping and chatting with him long enough to explain all that, I felt momentarily revivied and decided that I would do at least part of the set with him. I substituted shorter kicks for his 200 pulls, but we did the 200s/150s/100s together:

    100 easy kick
    2 x 200 @ 3:30, staying under 3:20 (1:40 pace) [3:19, 3:19]
    100 easy kick
    3 x 150 @ 3:00, staying under 2:30 (1:35 pace) [2:28, 2:25]
    50 easy kick
    4 x 100 @ 2:00, staying under 1:30 [1:31, 1:30-high, 1:32, 1:32]
    [I was pretty tired by this point—couldn’t make my goal on any of the last 100s.]

    300 warmdown + play

    Yesterday afternoon I was too tired to swim in the gulf, so I just got in and floated on my back for a while. That might be today’s plan as well.
    Yesterday, I hadn’t realized there was a Mardi Gras snowbird gathering at the little restaurant that overlooks the beach here. When I looked up mid-float, I could see a couple dozen of them gathered at the top of the stairs pointing at and watching me. It made me wish I were doing something more impressive than floating—actual swimming, maybe. I hadn’t even brought my goggles with me though. I thought briefly about doing some beach synchro, but instead I just waved. Hoping for fewer spectators this afternoon!
  6. Wed 2/22--Zombie Backstroke...WTF?

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 12:04 PM (The Labours of SwimStud)
    Another of Fort's...I liked this one apart from Zombie Backstroke Kick (why it has this name IDK)

    Warm up/Transition:

    500 choice
    5 x 50 free w/paddles @ :50/1:00
    6 x 25 dive from side, power dolphin kick to 15 m + cruise free to wall @ :45
    6 x 25 zombie backstroke kick -- kick on back with med ball or dive brick in one hand in air, other hand at side @:45/:50 I have determined this is not physically possible without fins unless you do not need to breathe...
    50 EZ
    8 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
    100 EZ

    Back Half Lactate Set:

    6 x broken 125 @ 5-6:00
    --pick interval to allow approximately 15 seconds rest at break points

    6 x through:
    50 @ 80-85% @ :45/:50/:55
    50 @ 90% @ :45/:50/:55
    25 @ 100%
    125 EZ

    200 EZ

    Total: 3100

    I enjoyed this one...not quite hitting the speed points on the 6 x 125 but it was better than Monday's effort. Ran 4.6 and did 30 mins core yesterday. Weights and plyos today.
  7. 02.22.12 - Wednesday workout

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 09:41 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave and Dave. Wore my Nike jammer. Pool temp ~83.

    400 Warm up

    4 Times through
    * 25 Fly/50 Fr - 1:10
    * 50 Fly/25 Fr - 1:10
    * 75 Fly - 1:10
    100 Easy

    4 x 75 - 1:10
    4 x 75 - 1:05
    4 x 75 - 1:00
    Held :52 - :55 on the free
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:10
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:05
    4 x 75 Pull - 1:00
    Held :48 - :50 on the pull

    8 x 100 Up/Down Kick w/ fins - 1:40 (:05) Base stroke: Fly, start w/ 50 Kick/50 Fly

    200 Cool down

    (4200 Total)

    Updated February 22nd, 2012 at 09:51 AM by pmccoy

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  8. monday workout take two

    by , February 22nd, 2012 at 08:37 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    Repeated monday because i really wanted to do one full round of the speed work.

    Now i will be relegated to the pool at the Pop Century for the next 5 days. Disney here I come.

    400 free
    5x50@:50 fr w/paddles
    5x50@1:00 kick w/zoomers
    6x25@:40 1 breath w/zoomers
    50 EZ
    6x25@:50 burst + cruise
    50 EZ

    Rest was with zoomers 25's are good technique
    8x25@:45 fly
    100 fast free in 1:06
    200 EZ
    6x25@:45 back
    100 fast fly broken at 50 and 75 for :15 went 1:43 which would be 1:13 removing the rest
    200 EZ
    4x25@:45 breast pull
    50 AFAP Fly went :35
    100 EZ
    2x25@:40 free
    50 AFAP Free went :31
    100 EZ

    Total 2700 yards

    Disney here I come
  9. Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:00am & 5:15pm

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 10:54 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    A.M. Workout

    200 Free
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull
    200 Free
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull

    5 x 100 Dolphin Kick on back w/ Speedo Biofuse fins @ 1:50 (1:13-1:17s)

    4 x 100 Free @ 1:15
    :30 rest
    4 x 100 Free Pull @ 1:15

    6 x 50 Kick w/ board @ :55
    2600 Yards


    P.M. Workout

    Got the main set idea from Water Rat's workout today but I couldn't perform as well as I'd like to have.

    200 Free
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull
    200 IM Drill
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull

    9 x 75 IM (did Fly, Back, Breast) @ 1:15 (1:00-1:04)
    1 x 25 Free EZ
    7 x 75 IM (did Back, Breast, Free) @ 1:10 (1:03-1:07)
    started struggling with my energy here
    1 x 25 Free EZ
    5 x 75 IM (did Fly, Back, Free) @ 1:05 (just made 'em, and it wasn't fun)
    1 x 25 EZ

    50 EZ
    2700 Yards

    skipped the remainder of the main set as I was feeling very weak in the water. I may be coming down with something. My kids are all feeling icky too.
  10. Yesterday's milestone...

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 10:08 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    I guess it didn't occur to me until much later, but yesterday was a milestone of sorts: 50 blog entries!

    A NOTE on the HEDONISTIC EXCESSES of MARDI GRAS: Today's swim was mostly easy stuff--gearing up for a bigger day tomorrow--but with a new twist. I used fins for the first time on my kick sets. [*gasp* the horror!] The bucket next to the board/bouy bin pool-side had some short fins and I've been hearing from various corners that drilling with the fins might help build some swim-specific muscles. I don't know, we'll see how I feel tomorrow, but I thought it felt too easy. A worthy excess in honor of Mardi Gras? It was interesting, though, to feel what a truly propulsive kick might feel like!

    450 of the warm-up was with fins and the kick lengths went by much more quickly than they do without; my cool-down without the fins hammered this point home for me! Here's the workout (3200 SCY; a little more than an hour):

    Warm-up (800 yards):
    100 free EZ
    50 Side kick drill (12+1) w/ fins
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    50 side-kick drill (6+1) w/ fins
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    50 side-kick drill (6+3) w/ fins
    50 kick w/ board and fins
    50 back kick w/ fins
    100 free w/ fins
    100 pull
    150 free

    Main Set (2K continuous swim = 2200 SCY):
    2 x through
    1000 free (alternating EZ gliding 100s w/ moderate 100s)
    100 breast

    200 in kick drills, no fins (12, 6, 6+3, board)
  11. Improvisation

    This morning I made up my workout as I went along. I think doing that sometimes is valuable—it lets me attend to how my body is feeling and gives me the flexibility to design sets around that. I probably use that approach too often—yesterday made me think about the advantages of having a workout planned when I get to the pool, and being able to think ahead of time about how I wanted to approach it and feel excited about what I might be able to do with it.

    But this morning I was feeling fatigued and wanted a little more flexibility. My two goals were to work on my fly technique and do at least a little quality IM work. Here’s what I did:

    1200 lcm warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 4 x 100 d/s RIM order)

    Fly work
    100 kick with fins (50 fl, 50 flutter)
    4 x 50 @ 1:10 with fins, each done as a combo of quality FL and easy FR: 6 strokes FL on #1, 8 strokes on #2, 10 on #3, and 12 on #4
    4 x 50 @ 1:15 without fins, same as above
    [I’d gotten into the habit of luxuriating in a long, glide-y fly, with a hesitation in my kick. I used fins for 4 50s to remind myself of what body position can feel like when doing fly well, then tried to achieve that without fins on the last 4 50s. Keys: maintain constant strong kick; arm entry a little wide of shoulders]

    8 x 100 @ 2:00: odds IM desc., evens FR maintaining 1:40 or under
    [Went 50, 45, 45, 40 on IMs (got distracted on that 3rd one by thinking about whether mid-pool transitions should occur when hands or feet were above the midline of the pool), 40, 37, 33, 38 on FRs]

    I enjoyed the IMs more and more as they got faster, and was tempted to follow-up with a longer IM set or fast IM, but decided to let that desire simmer for a few days for a workout later in the week—I thought I’d done as much good fly as I could expect out of my body today, and should probably stop while the going was good.

    Since I was feeling energetic, I instead tried a little sprint work:

    6 x 50 FR @ 1:24 (12 seconds all-out sprint, rest of length very easy) [I did this with my tempo trainer set to :12, hence the odd interval. My arms were pretty fried after 5, so I did the last one kick. These felt surprisingly good.]

    2 x 500 FR pull with paddles, 1st build from very easy to moderate, 2nd maintain honest pace throughout, bilateral breathe on both [During these I pondered why I like pulling with paddles when my arms are fatigued—it seems counterintuitive. I think it’s because paddles allow me to swim without trying to accelerate my hands throughout the stroke—I can just maintain a steady easy pressure on the water, and that is restful for my arm muscles. It also explains why I don’t like trying to go fast with paddles—it’s difficult for me to accelerate my hands when I’m wearing them, and that’s one of the things I unconsciously do more of when I’m trying to speed up.
    (I don’t think the difficulty accelerating with paddles is simply a matter of strength—I also seem to change the orientation of my palm a bit at the same time I’m accelerating, and paddles make it more difficult to do that while holding on to the water. But it’s possible that I’m normally slipping my hands through the water a bit when I attempt to speed them up—if so I need to fix that.)
    As an experiment, after the pulling I tried swimming without paddles in the same way that I pull, keeping just a steady pressure on the water, and felt like I was falling a bit each time I breathe. Perhaps that’s a flaw with my breathing technique—I seem to be using a combo of hand acceleration, slightly changing the angle of my palm, and probably the plonking foot of my 2-beat kick to compensate for some change my balance when I breathe. Maybe I’m holding my head a bit too high? I need to investigate this further.]

    300 warmdown + play

    The latest news at the pool is that masters workouts will be starting up again, this time organized by the head coach of the kids swim team. Hurray! They will start up March 12, too late to benefit me this year, but I hope the team will be going strong by the time I revisit the area. My swim buddies are all very excited about having organized workouts again (5 a week, 2 mornings and 3 evenings). I’m glad for them—I know they’ve been frustrated by the lack of swim programs for adults in the area.
  12. Tuesday, Feb. 21

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 06:08 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various
    10 x 25 free w/paddles, no breath @ :35
    5 x 50 torque drill w/paddles @ 1:30
    50 EZ

    Speed Sets:

    10 x 25 burst + cruise @ 1:00
    100 EZ

    12 x AFAP 50s, done as:

    3 x (4 x broken AFAP 50 w/fins + 50 EZ @ 3:00)
    -- broken :10 at 25
    -- 100 EZ after each round

    Round 1: IM order, no fins on 50 back
    10/10, 13/14, 13/14, 10/high 10-11 flat
    Round 2: IM order, shooters on back
    10/10 high, 8 high/9 high, 13/14, 10 high/12
    Round 3: dolphin kick w/board
    1st 25: 10 high-11 mid, 2nd 25: 11 high-12

    100 EZ

    Total: 3100


    The last set kicked my ass, especially following on the heels of yesterday's speed workout. Lactate was really spiking in last round. Saving the kicks for last is killer that way.

    Swim Science article where Mullen postulates that swimmers need to focus on athleticism, not just neural training of swim skills:

    Need to sign up for Warrenton meet: Still planning on 4 x 50.

    Really bummed that Fort Son told me he thinks he has mono. He's waiting for results of a blood test. He had really improved his erg scores with some real college coaching. He does not have the type of personality that will deal with mono very well.

    Updated February 21st, 2012 at 06:42 PM by The Fortress

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  13. Tuesday, 2/21/12

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 06:02 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)
    SCY, Solo

    Warm up
    2 x 300/20sr build each
    - 1st one free, 2nd one back

    Main Set: Swim following 3 times: #1 & 3 = with fins, #2 w/o fins
    - did #1 and 2 free With fins went 6:40, without went 7:10
    - #3 back with fins, went 7:30
    3 x 500 = 125 smooth - 25 fast
    100 smooth - 25 fast
    75 smooth - 25 fast
    50 smooth - 25 fast
    25 smooth - 25 fast

    Kick Set:
    Repeat 4 times:
    2 x 50/1:10 make send off
    2 x 25/50 FAST
    - #1 & 2 with board & snorkel, was around 1:00 on 50's, 22 on 25's
    - #3 & 4 flutter on back, around 1:02 on 50's, 23 on 25's

    2 x 100/15sr (swim - kick - drill - swim)

    Total: 2900 yards

  14. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -02/22/12

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 02:30 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    4 X 100 1:40
    1 X 200 3:20
    4 X 100 1:30
    1 X 300 4:30
    4 X 100 1:25

    2 X 200 kick 4:15
    #2: 50 easy/50 fast
    1 X 100 swim

    10 X 50 1:05
    odd: easy even: fast

    1 X 25 easy
    1 X 100 blocks @ 100%
    1 X 75 easy


    1 X 300 FREE 4:15
    3 X 100 1:25
    1 x 300 4:00
    4 X 75 1:00
    1 X 300 3:45
    6 X 50 :35 or :40 your choice


    1 X 200 IM 3:30
    3 X 100 IM 1:45
    1 X 200 IM 3:30
    4 X 75-1 each fly, back, breast 1:15
    1 X 200 IM 3:30
    6 X 50 -2 each fly, back, breast- 1:00

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  15. 02.21.12 - Tuesday workout

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 10:09 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave and Dave. Pool temp 84. Wore my Nike jammer.

    400 Warm up

    8 x 100 - 1:30 (:10) Up/down fly
    4 x 100 - 1:40 (:10) Up/down fly
    Quick rest

    8 x 50 Stroke - 1:00 Easy/Hard
    8 x 100 - 1:40 (:05) Up/down kick
    8 x 50 Free - :50 Easy/hard
    Quick rest

    200 Free - 3:00 (2:13)
    4 x 100 - 1:40 (:05) Up/down back
    4 x 100 - 1:40 (:05) Up/down breast

    200 Cool down

    (4400 total)
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  16. strong workout today

    by , February 21st, 2012 at 08:22 AM (Mixing it up this year)
    I hate coverting scy workouts to lcm but this one went well.

    500 free
    6x100@1:45 free w/paddles & zoomers held 1:30s
    100 fast flutter kick w/zoomers
    4x25@:45 shooter w/zoomers this is hard from mid pool
    100 EZ

    6x75@2:00 fly w/zoomers held 1:22s
    50 fly
    100 fly kick fast no fins
    4x25@:45 shooters no fins
    100 EZ

    2x75@2:00 #1 fly 1:23 #2 free 1:05 this is good for me
    100 kick w/zoomers
    100 EZ

    Total 2600meters before they turned the pool
  17. Monday, February 20, 2012 5:00am & 5:00pm

    by , February 20th, 2012 at 11:28 PM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    A.M. Workout

    No rest for those in training!! Right back at it after the meet.

    2 rounds of:
    200 Free (2nd round did 200 IM Drill)
    100 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull

    I just did the posted masters workout today, more of a recovery morning than anything:

    25 Kick w/ board :05 rest
    50 Kick w/ board :10 rest
    75 Kick w/ board :15 rest
    100 Kick w/ board :20 rest

    200 Free

    25 Free Pull :05 rest
    50 Free Pull :10 rest
    75 Free Pull :15 rest
    100 Free Pull :20 rest

    200 Choice - did 50 Fly/50 Free/50 Fly/50 Free

    25 Non-Free (did back for all) :05 rest
    50 Non-Free :10 rest
    75 Non-Free :15 rest
    100 Non-Free :20 rest

    200 IM

    25 Free :05 rest
    50 Free :10 rest
    75 Free :15 rest
    100 Free :20 rest

    200 Free

    2800 Yards


    P.M. Workout

    400 Free
    200 Kick w/ board
    200 Free Pull
    200 IM Drill

    This next set of 200s is inspired by my "lack of effort" middle part of my 400 IMs
    3 x 200 IMs @ 3:10 (25 Fly, 75 Back, 75 Breast, 25 Free) (went 2:40s)

    8 x 50 Kick w/ board @ :55

    At this point, our 1 lap lane at the Y was occupied by 4 swimmers of varying skill levels. Needless to was fun.

    1 x 500 Free working on my circle swimming and passing abilities

    20 x 25 @ :25ish/:30ish or so
    (4 Fly, 4 Back, 4 Breast, 8 Free)

    10 x 50 Free Pull @ :35-:45 or so depending on the gaps and passing space

    100 EZ
    3600 Yards

    In a way it was good that my lane got crowded, because it kept me moving. Sometimes I can get lazy in the lap swim lanes.
  18. Tomorrow comes early

    Last week the mornings were so cloudy that I lost track of how early sunrise is getting to be here. I was reminded as I drove in to the pool this morning—at a little before 6 the dark had totally disappeared, and the entire eastern sky was a glorious predawn pink, with strata of orange clouds that glowed brighter and brighter as I drove along. It was nice to have such a beautiful clear and crisp morning to enjoy the sunrise from the pool—it finally showed itself about 400m in to my warmup.

    I found today’s swim when looking at the workout section of the forums yesterday—I hadn’t paid much attention to the great group of new online workout gurus USMS recruited this year until now, because I found it a little depressing to scroll through workouts that I couldn’t really attempt. But now that I’m back healthy and looking for a challenge I plan to take full advantage. Today’s practice came from Patrick’s section, and was designated as tomorrow’s workout. I chose it over today’s because that one involved doing 2 200s at 100% effort, and I just didn’t want to face that today. (My rationalizing excuse was that Monday’s also called for a waterproof writing surface, which I don’t have here, but the real reason was 200phobia—duocentiphobia?)

    I chose 1:35 as my BASE. I wasn’t totally sure what BASE was supposed to be, but I assumed it was the fastest pace I could do 100s FR on. (I will look back at the beginning and investigate this further—didn’t do my homework before doing the workout).* I initially wrote down the workout as if 1:30 was my BASE, but then remembered that that was then and this is now, and reminded myself that using aspiraational intervals rather than realistic ones would result in a not-fun morning at the pool. The 1:35 BASE and the various additions and subtractions worked well throughout—intervals were challenging but achievable. So this is what I ended up doing:

    1000 lcm warmup (400s, 200 RIM kick, 200 pull, 200 RIM drill/swim) [The original had a 400 here, but I like the 1000 I start every session with and stuck to it.]

    More warmup
    5 x 100: odds BK @ 1:55, desc. [1:50 > 1:35]; evens FR @ 1:45 desc.[1:37, 1:30]
    9 x 50 K @ 1:15; 1-3 FL desc.; 4-6 BK desc.; 7-9 BR desc.
    5 x 50 FR: 1 easy @ 1:15; 3 cruise @ :50; 1 easy

    3x thru:
    400 FR @ 6:40 [6:20, 6:19, 6:14-high]
    3 x 100 BK @ 1:55 [Needed to change this to 2:00 on round 2.]
    3 x 50 dolphin kick @ 1:10
    1 x 50 FR @ 3:00ish
    [I did the 400s pace-blind, as the pace clock I was using was behind the starting end of the pool. That always annoys me a little bit on mid-distance swims for time—I like seeing my splits every 100, every 50 if I can. The first 2 were difficult, but I was determined to go 6:15 on the last, and I did. My friend Mark joined me for part of the warmup and the first round, then had to leave for work, so I did the last two rounds solo.]

    4 x 50 FR @ :55, 1:00, 1:05, 1:10
    [combined this with the last 50 FR of the last round to make 5 x 50, the first four swim and the last one kick in order to retrieve my kickboard from the far end of the pool (where it had been since the BR kicking of the warmup. I focused on keeping my core tight and straight on the swims, and did the last few as slow as I could while keeping good form.]

    It was a pretty morning and I didn’t want to get out, so I added on a very relaxed

    500 pull with paddles, breathing every 3rd stroke and focusing on keeping neck relaxed and letting water support head [I did this by thinking about my neck muscles, and whenever it felt like they were tense, dunking my head a bit and letting it bob to the surface, then trying to keep that feeling of the water holding my head up.]

    I was ready to warm down and get out when my friends Bill and Deb arrived. Bill needed a swim buddy, so I did with him

    400/300/200/100 FR, increasing pace as distance goes down [I didn’t do any of these fast—I think I went from 6:50 on the 400 to 1:35 on the 100, so I wasn’t much of a pacer to Bill on the latter ones—he managed a 1:23 on the 100. It was still feeling good to swim along in the sunshine, but my arms let me know during the course of this set that they considered their work done for the day.]

    Then, just to get to a nice round number for the day, I warm downed with a

    600 SKPS

    Because I had miscounted, I ended up a little over my intended total, but that was ok—it was just one of those gorgeous mornings when I never wanted to get out of the pool, and if the end of my 600 hadn’t coincided with the end of lap swim I’m not sure if I would have stopped then. By the end of the workout it had gotten windy, and the air temp hadn’t budged from the 42 it had been before sunrise—so swimming a bit more kept on being preferable to getting out in any case.

    This afternoon I went for a little swim in the gulf. It’s still around 61, and today it was a bright opaque green. A couple of days of high winds over the weekend stirred up the sand and water, and it will take a few days to settle out. I couldn’t see the bottom at all when I swam—it reminded me of Brighton on sunny days when it just seems green all around you as you stroke along. There was just enough surf to make it interesting getting in and out, especially since the sand bar had turned pretty mushy and dropped away unexpectedly in a few places as I navigated over it. I went east to the second staircase beyond the zigzag one, then back west to my starting point. It was wonderful being carried along by the waves—I turned over and backstroked for a long stretch and appreciated the blue sky and puffy clouds above me.
    The air temps were in the 60s too, so I spent a while on the beach warming up and enjoying the sunshine.

    *Ok, now I have looked at the sticky and see that BASE is a little more complicated than that--I'm not sure what mine is right now, as my conditioning is in a transitional state, but I might need to change it to 1:40 for near-future workouts.

    Updated February 20th, 2012 at 10:31 PM by swimsuit addict

  19. Question on Best Pace Interval...

    by , February 20th, 2012 at 09:20 PM (Alex's swim journal)
    Back up to about 15 miles ahead of my GTD goal pace after today's swim. Two mile's worth; here it is:

    20 x 50 on 1:00 (first 5-7 serve as warm-up).
    10 x 100 on 1:40
    500 recovery swim (alt. 100 EZ glide/100 moderate)
    2 x 500 (400 moderate/100 EZ)--this was a continuous 1000 broken into two 500-yard segments.
    =3500 SCY/76 minutes

    I cut down on my rest during the sets (a 1:40 interval instead of 2:00 on the 100s, for example), but rested a little more between sets. I probably waited 2.5 minutes between the wm-up and the 100s (I wanted to start the 100s on a nice round number--10:00 in this case--to help my keep track). Then a little later on I stopped to chat with some of the other swimmers.

    My times were OK I probably had 10 of my last 12-13 50s in the :38-:39 range, even a couple of :37s! The 100s started off at 1:24 and then stayed around 1:30 for a long time before dropping to 1:33-1:34 on the last 2-3 reps. So I was definitely able to hold what I thought would be an overly ambitious interval of 1:40. When I'm swimming on 2:00 I can come in at 1:30 all day long (I've done sets of 15-30 reps on that interval over the last year).

    So does that mean that 1:40 should be my BPI? My mile pace is actually just a little faster than that. It seems slow, but then again b/c of my overdeveloped slow-twitch fibers there just isn't that much of a difference between my "sprint" speed (1:20-124) and my all-day pace (1:40-1:50--depending on the day!). Does this seem right?
  20. Monday, Feb. 20

    by , February 20th, 2012 at 06:08 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Warm up:

    600 various
    8 x 25 shooters w/fins @ :35
    8 x 25 free w/paddles, no breath @ :35
    5 x 50 double torque drill w/paddles @ 1:15
    50 EZ

    Speed Sets:

    8 x 25 burst to 15 m + cruise @ 1:00
    -- 4 speed drills, 4 dolphin
    50 EZ

    Then I did a modified version of a speed set from workout #4 in the HIT forum: [ame=""]U.S. Masters Swimming Discussion Forums[/ame]

    4 x (5 x 50 w/fins) @ 1:30
    -- 100 EZ between each round

    1-5: free
    5/7/9 strokes fast, fast 25 (10), fast 25 (10)
    6-10: dolphin kick on back
    8/10/12 kicks fast, fast 25 (9 flat), fast 25 (8 high)
    11-15: breast
    4/5/6 strokes fast, fast 25 (13 high), fast 25 (13 high)
    16-20: dolphin kick on belly
    10/12/14 kicks fast, fast 25 (9 high), fast 25 (9 high)

    8 x 25 w/parachute @ 1:15
    1-4: free w/paddles & chute
    5-8: flutter kick w/board & chute -- these were ridiculously hard
    100 EZ

    Total: 3250

    Stretching & Rehab Exercises, 45 minutes


    Couldn't get to yoga today with it being a school holiday, but did get this speed workout in. It's very quiet in the house with Teen Fort in Boston today. Despite the fact that it's sunny and 50 there, highly unusual for Feb., she thinks it's "cold and ugly." She likely just knows that I love Boston, so has decided to take the opposite view. On a happier note, Mr. Fort has completely dropped the notion of an early April vacation. His training partner over dinner agreed with me that it was unworkable and unfair. Heehee.