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  1. Life is good

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 08:45 PM (Elise's Fitness Fun)
    Went to a meeting at the club pool late this morning to talk about the summer swim team. Noticed that there weren't many people at the pool despite the perfect weather. So, after the meeting, instead of heading for the dungeon at the Y, went home, got my son, and headed back up to the pool.

    I figured out that if I got in during the first swim break (10 minute break for the kids and only adults allowed in the pool), I could warm-up and then do a long kicking set during the time when the kids were back in the pool. There were maybe 10 people in the pool excluding the diving well area, but there were some kids playing all over the pool. There are no lap lanes in the pool. I figured out by doing a kick set, I could see where they were and just go around them if need be. Pool is 25 SCM.

    Here is the workout:

    500 warm-up: 100 free/100 one arm fly/100 breast/100 free/100 one arm fly

    4 x 500 kick with board (no fins) with 45 seconds rest
    #1 - all dolphin kick
    #2 - alternated 100 flutter/100 breast kick
    #3 - alternated 100 flutter/100 dolphin
    #4 - 100 flutter/100 dolphin/100 breast/100 back flutter/100 kick on side (Kids went to diving well, so able to do back kick).

    Jumped out to put on some more sunscreen. Sun was strong and I was convinced I had missed a few places. Timed this so that I could hop back in during pool break and finish off the workout with the following:

    200 easy

    25 AFAP fly
    25 easy
    25 AFAP fly
    25 easy
    25 AFAP fly
    25 easy

    200 easy

    3050 SCM

    Changed into the frou-frou bathing suit and ordered Family Secret Chicken Salad. Absolutely wonderful. A salad made up of Romaine lettuce, strawberries, whole grapes, orange slices, cantaloupe, honey dew melon, and a 1 cup scoop of chicken salad. The scoop contains chicken, light mayonaise, and almonds. Had poppyseed dressing with the salad. Drank a Gatorade.

    Stayed at the pool a couple more hours and enjoyed visiting with friends, listening to my husband play his guitar (he joined us mid-afternoon), and having my first alcoholic drink since Auburn - Lemonade Freeze with Absolut.

    Hope everybody out there is having a great weekend. Nice to have some good weather for a change!

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  2. Saturday, May 30

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 07:34 PM (The FAF AFAP Digest)

    Went on a 4 mile trail run. Rather subpar because of wheezing. One of the soccer fields my daughter plays at seems to bother me particularly. It's also been raining quite frequently, and mold does not agree with me. Running in the DC area in the spring is a challlenge.


    Breakfast: omelet with cheese, mango
    Lunch: Salad with romaine, salmon, tomato, avocado, flax seed, peppers, pomegranate seeds
    Post run snack: 12 oz G2, yogurt, nuts
    Pre-dinner snack: plum
    Dinner: Steak, broccoli, salad, glass of chardonnay

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  3. Sat May 30th, 2009 LCM Swam a 10k today in ...

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 03:25 PM (Ande's Swimming Blog)
    Sat May 30th, 2009
    LCM Swam a 10k today in ...

    Whitney and Chris Coached
    swim center
    6:30 am

    split lane with Larry
    swam beside Tyler, Bryan, and Ed
    jon counted and timed me
    todd counted and timed tyler and larry
    we started right at 6:30
    wore blue seventy and no cap

    went 2:19:33.52
    8373 seconds
    1:23.73 pace
    my 5000 split was 1:08:58

    10k is a long way

    I swam 1500 straight in 19:26
    took a little break
    then started doing repeat 100's on 1:20
    which was a mistake
    took a break after 2900
    the next 100 was 1:55

    started feeling hot and wished I'd wore a legskin instead of a full body
    switched from 1:20 pace to 1:25 pace at 3400
    Break at 3600
    next 100 was 1:44

    hope to enter my 100 times later it's a lot of data
    held some of my best splits
    between 6300 - 6800
    Larry had taken a break and I decided to put another lap on him

    I feel like I took too many breaks
    it was a mistake to do repeat 100's
    should have done 400's, 500's or 1000's

    I had my drinks in a cooler
    should have had them on deck ready to go
    I had several GU's, larry used power bars

    I'm tired,
    my arms are sore,
    need sleep

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    Masters Swim Meets / Events
  4. Saturday 5/30 - Drills, drills, drills

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 01:25 PM (Mixing it up this year)
    Today was a double dose of drills. I met up with Sandra at the rec pool and we did the following:

    500 Free EZ
    20x25 Fly drills
    20x25 Back drills
    20x25 Free drills
    20x25 Breast drills
    Sandra did some fly turns with good kick out since we had a pool where she could practice turning without the tempation to grab the wall on the turn.
    200 free EZ

    Ran off to the Y pool to meet up with McKaylin were I did the rest of the time I did some stroke analysis and she worked on her starts and turns and the kickouts for back.

    5x100 back drills
    20x50 fly drills

    It was great to actually work with each of
    Total 3700 yards
  5. 29 / 30 May 09

    by , May 30th, 2009 at 12:08 PM (Swim like an Orca, but faster !)
    Friday, 29 May 09
    Dryland- Lords Gym

    Warm up - Plank, double leg rotation, swiss ball exercises...
    Same routine with 3x15 of everything.
    Finish with crunches and back extensions on ball.

    Saturday 30 May 09
    Folsom Aquatic Center-Sierra Marlins Masters

    (morning dryland warmup, plank, rotating legs, etc...)
    Warm (whatever for 15 minutes) I did 300m FR
    4x 100 25 scull/25 FR :10 RI
    Take best split and carry it down,
    500 FR
    ( I skipped the 400, ops..)
    300 FR
    200 BK - (Just to see if I could do it, np)
    100 FR

    4 x 100 Dolphin Kick on back ( Did 2x100, then huge cramp in hamstring, finished with 2x100 Pull

    200 w/d

    2400 m

    This was my first time in LCM since High school, it took awhile to get used to, but I really loved it. Got to focus on stroke.

    Just needed to add that the primary group was the Seniors, they were about 20-25 strong and the Master's group,
    was about 7.
    The workout was just posted on a whiteboard, Coach Jeff, who was filling in for Coach Darin (getting married today) just answered questions. So it was basically a read and do workout. I picked the slow lane which wasn't very wise, as I could have been comfortable in the fast lane.

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