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  1. Friday, Dec. 7 - Sprints and Kicks

    Swam with Roger, Peter, the two DAves, Danny, and Ray. Today was a sprint day with a fair amount of kicking. Not a lot of yardage, but I certainly need to work my sprint stroke and kicking (which is almost non-existent).

    150 Free
    6x200 on 2:20 150 Swim/50 Kick (was an easier interval than I anticipated)
    50 Free
    6x50 Free on :50 (preparing for sprints)
    4x50 Challenge - 10 seconds rest (2:50 total time minus 30 secs = 2:20)
    100 Back
    24x50 Relay with teams of three - 8 50's each (came in around 11:52)
    16x50 on 1:00 Kick/Swim

    3300 yards
    80 minutes
  2. Week 9 Sprint day

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 09:01 PM (After a long rest)
    After the warmup set i felt pretty good today. I guess that's what happens on a short yardage day.

    400 Free
    6x50 finger drag drill
    5x100 kick on 1.50
    10x50 free on 40

    Main Set
    2x3x100 on 2.00 increasing speed by 25, 85%,90%,95%,100%. With 100yd between sets easy. I held 1.01 each hundred and felt quite easy.

    Sprint set
    2x75 with flippers on 4.00 all out. I went 36,36
    2x25 with flippers on 1.00. I went 10,10

    Warm down
    200 free
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  3. Friday, December 7, 2012

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 08:34 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp of 76, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
    Sunny with humidity at 58%

    Warm up:
    1x1000 FR
    1x500 BR K50/S50 w/snorkel
    6x200 K on :30 rest #1,3,5 FLY; #2,4,6 BK

    *Set 1*
    4x300 Pull on 1:00 rest w/paddles, buoy, tube
    Gentle desc 1-4 as 50%-75% with EVF focus

    *Set 2*
    4(4x100 on 2:00, 300 EZ BK/FR by 50)
    Round 1
    1. 1:05
    2. 1:04
    3. 1:03
    4. 1:03

    Round 2
    1. 1:04
    2. 1:03
    3. 1:03
    4. 1:02

    Round 3
    1. 1:04
    2. 1:03
    3. 1:02
    4. 1:03

    Round 4 (with fins)
    1. :58
    2. :57
    3. :57
    4. :55

    Warm down:
    300 EZ FR/BK Swim

    • College team was using the LCM pool, so started in the diving well, which only had backstroke flags up on one side. Was able to move over for set 2.
    • Warm up - A long warmup with kicking as the main effort would be on set 2; 4(4x100) on 2:00.
    • Set 1 - Moderate feel good pulling.
    • Set 2 - Goal was nothing slower than 1:06. I knew I could do this today, even with lingering soreness from drylands this week. The first 100 of each round was smooth firm effort, and I worked each one more from that point. While the times were encouraging I felt my turns were rushed and shallow. I would almost rather swim a bit slower and have more quality turns. By round three I did not have much left, so put the fins on, kicked a 200, and then did the last round. It was more fun to work hard going under a minute, thats for sure.
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  4. Friday 12/7/12

    Friday 12/7

    AM and PM SCY

    AM swim:

    600 swim (200 FR/200 IM k/dr/200 FR)
    3x100 @ 1:20 pull w/ buoy + strapless paddles + snorkel

    12x50 @ :55 pull w/ buoy
    6 25 FL/25 FR
    6 FR w/ strapless paddles

    5x300 @ 4:00
    #1 - broken at the 75s :05
    #2 - broken at the 100s :10
    #3-5 D1-3 (3:27, 3:19, 3:13)

    150 EZ

    Total: 3150

    PM swim:

    Swim Meet!!!

    500 swim
    8x50 @ 1:00 25 kick/25 drill I.M. order in pairs
    6x50 @ :50 D1-3, 4-6
    6x75 @ 1:00 odd: build even: DPS
    3x100 @ 1:15 #1, 3 at 500 pace, #2 DPS
    6x50 @ 1:00 odd: 200 pace, even: DPS
    100 EZ

    200 FR - 1:55.94

    300 EZ

    Total: 2850
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  5. Thursday, December 6, 2012

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 08:00 PM (I swim, therefore I am)
    SCY@FGCU Aquatic Center
    Air temp of 74, pool at 80, 100% water clarity.
    Sunny with humidity at 62%

    Warm up:
    1x1200 FR/BK by 200

    *Set 1*
    4x400 on 1:00 rest 100FLY/100BK
    8x100 on :30 rest 50BK/50BR
    3x200 on :30 rest 25BR/25FR

    *Set 2*
    10x100 SDK w/Fins on 1:40, desc 1-5,6-10
    do as by 25;
    1. 10 kicks under
    2. 8 kicks under
    3. 6 kicks under
    4. 10 kicks under

    *Set 3*
    Broken 1000 Pull w/bouy, tube, paddles as;
    4x150 on 2:15, 4x100 on 1:30
    • 150s did 1:46, 1:45, 1:43, 1:42
    • 100s did 1:08, 1:07, 1:07, 1:06

    Warm down:
    400 EZ FR/BK Swim

    • A bit sort from dryland work, but the warmup was good.
    • Set 1 - IM transistions, did a 25 of each 100 fly drill
    • Set 2 - Slowly making some progress on underwater SDK working towards 12 Kicks under water with fins.
    • Set 3 - Pulling with EVF emphasis
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  6. Thursday 12/6/12

    Thursday 12/6

    AM only Crossfit

    I only had time for a Crossfit workout with my wife this morning due to coaches' meetings all morning and a high school swim meet in the afternoon/evening.

    15:00 AMRAP
    10 burpees
    100 meter sprint
    10 med ball slams w/ 20 lb ball
    30 mountain climbers

    RESULTS: 7 rounds + 10 more burpees

    and then for time:

    500 meter row
    40 squats
    30 sit-ups
    20 push-ups
    10 pull-ups

    RESULTS: 5:01 (would have been faster but I was dog tired from the previous workout)
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  7. The Big Snake Project

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 04:18 PM (Vlog the Inhaler, or The Occasional Video Blog Musings of Jim Thornton)
    I suspect I am fast reaching a point of diminishing, perhaps vanishing, returns with this cross-platform monetization optimizing paradigm here.

    However, I am confident today's entry shall turn things around entirely!

    If you are swimming in a SCM this weekend, more reason than ever to click on the Big Snake Project for a turbocharging of energy levels!

    Have an enjoyable weekend!

    Off tomorrow to swim the 400 IM, the 200 IM, and possibly, if I am still able to move, the 800 freestyle in a SCM high school pool in Hudson, Ohio.

    Embarrassing results to be posted here next week!
  8. Fun Friday

    This morning I enjoyed a fun Riverbank workout with Rondi, Hannah, and John. It’s a quick turnaround from Thursday night diving, which ends at 10pm out in the far reaches of Queens, and the 6:30 am opening of Riverbank in West Harlem, but the chance to swim with friends this morning and breakfast after was worth the abbreviated sleep. Here’s what I did:

    300 lcm warmup

    5 x 200 swim > kick pacman: 200s, 50k/150s, 100k/100s, 150k/50s, 200k [These were more like 175s for me, as I took the opportunity to practice my mid-pool turning technique in order to keep up.]

    IM reunion set
    800, done as 4 x (150 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
    600, done as 4 x (100 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
    400, done as 4 x (50 fr / 50 st), with st = IM order
    200 IM
    [Took 10-20 seconds rest between swims. I was finally feeling good in the water by the end of this set.]

    Then came the belated birthday set: a 47m backwards (feet-first) IM. I led this set! It was fun watching everyone’s progress as they worked their way down the pool. By the time we finished there were swimmers in the adjacent lane trying to swim backwards, and the lifeguard was just shaking his head, as if we had contaged the entire pool.

    300 warmdown + play

    Diving last night was a blast. I learned two new skills. I fell off the 3m springboard backwards—on purpose! I’d been doing this forwards for several practices, and we learned the reverse version last night. Basically, you stand backwards on the very end of the board with your heels hanging off, then rise up on your tippy toes. Keeping your body rigid, you fall backwards. Once you reach horizontal, you put your hands above your head, and end up entering the water in a nice hollowed-out diving position (“hollowed-out” being to diving what streamlined is to swimming). It worked almost perfectly for me the first time. Our beginner group also graduated from doing simply tuck dives to pike dives off the 1m. And the timing on my hurdles (approaches) is definitely getting better. Onwards and upwards!
  9. Sarasota Y Sharks Masters 5:30 AM Workout -12/10/20122

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 03:02 PM (Sarasota Y Sharks Masters GOLD Workout)
    WARM UP:
    1 X 400 6:00 6:00
    3 X 100 1:40 1:30
    Two rounds. Round 1 intervals left, 2 right.

    1 X 200 kick + 100 swim

    1 X 50 easy 1:00
    1 X 50 build 1:10
    1 x 100 fast 2:00
    Four rounds, choice.

    1 X 100 easy

    1 X 100 kick 2:15
    8 X 50 kick 1:05
    1 X 100 swim

    1 X 200 free 3:00
    4 X 50- 1 of each stroke - 1:00
    Four rounds.

    WARM DOWN: 4 X 50 easy 1:00

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  10. Friday, 12/7/12

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 02:33 PM (A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming)

    1 x 300 Choice

    4 x 75/10 SR
    • 25 fists / 25 rhythm / 25 ľ catchup drill
    3 x 100/1:45, - Freestyle swim
    • Descend Stroke Count (SC) of the 1st 50 1->4
    • Descend time of 2nd 50 1->4
    4 x 25/10 sr – easy

    Main Set
    1 x 100/1:45
    1 x 200/:3:15
    1 x 300/4:45
    1 x 400/6:15
    1 x 300/4:45
    1 x 200/3:15
    1 x 100 - Fastest
    - All Free

    1 x 300 kick

    1 x 100 All easy swim or drill

    Total: 3000 yards
  11. Fri 12/07/12

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 02:27 PM (Workout Swimmer)
    Not much to say. Fast kids gone to nationals, just me & the slightly bit slower kids this morning. Asst coach tried to kill us though,
    800 back/free
    800 P (locomotive)
    8 x 100 IM on 1:30 (ha ha)
    200 easy
    16 x 50 K on :55
    100 easy
    8 x 4cycle speed play on :30
    200 easy
    6 x 100 on 1:20 P
    200 breast/free
    Total: 4700
  12. Workout 12/7/12:

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 12:16 PM (Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine)
    Not too sure this qualifies as a workout, but here goes:

    Miguelito's mystery meet warm-up
    - without a few block sprint 25's
    (Solo/Rec/1400 yds/35 min)

    Prepared for the meet - excited to race in a nice pool and see some folks I only run into a few times a year. So cool to be a part of the swimming community. I'm signed up for:

    #06 Men 100 IM
    #08 Men 200 Breast
    #12 Men 200 Back
    #18 Men 50 Fly
    #20 Men 200 Free

    #30 Men 400 Free
    #34 Men 100 Free
    #38 Men 50 Back
    #44 Men 200 Fly
    #48 Men 100 Back

    Looks like I'll be done both days before 3pm, so that is very nice. Getting packed up today and ready to leave home tomorrow morning by 6:30 for the three hour drive to Boston. Weather is looking good for the weekend, so only one night in the big city.

    For other folks swimming this weekend - go fast!
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  13. 12.07.12 - Friday workout

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 10:30 AM (Pete's swim blog)
    Swam w/ Dave, Dave, Dave, Roger, Ray and Danny. Pool theft has suddenly become a big issue. I'm not talking about people going through your bag to steal your wallet. I'm talking grand theft kickboard. Dave took some extra security measures today to help with the problem:


    600 Warm up

    6 x 200 IM - 3:20 (50 swim/150 kick)
    50 Easy
    Made these which is kind of a shock. My kick seems to be improving a lot.

    Finished up our challenge set that we skipped for the last couple weeks:
    6 x 50 - :50
    2:00 Rest
    4 x 50 free, :10s rest between each 50.
    50 Easy
    Made 2:02. I think I'm set for a personal best (2:04 was my previous best meet time) but 2:00 is going to be tough unless I find a little more speed in the next month or two.

    25 Easy
    1200 Relay - 12:00
    Two teams of three. Each of us did 8 50s from a dive. I think we made 11:52.
    75 Easy

    8 Rounds of:
    * 25 Kick, face in water, no breath down/25 easy kick back - 1:00
    * 50 Easy pull - 1:00
    50 Easy
    This was new to me. I wasn't sure if I could make it but I was fine. Breaststroke kick was easiest. Fly kick hurt but flutter kick was the toughest.

    200 IM Timed (2:36) Went to hard on the fly and had nothing left for the back half of the IM.

    300 Cool down

    (4250 Total)
    Swim Workouts
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  14. So Senseless....

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 09:17 AM (Mixing it up this year)

    The victim in this crime is my husband's, cousin's son. Just makes me want to hide my family on an island somewhere.

    not in the mood to swim today but due to the back issues I went thru the motions anyway.

    500 free
    500 kick w/zooomers every 3rd lap fast
    10x50@1:00 free descend 1-5 and 6-10 went 49, 47, 45, 41, 39, 47, 45, 42, 41, 38
    5x100@:15RI free to back 4fr, 3fr/1bk, 2fr/2bk, 1fr/3bk, 4bk
    500 kick as half free half breast
    500 EZ w/pull bouy

    total 3000 yards

    Updated December 7th, 2012 at 01:04 PM by Donna

  15. dec 7 2012 life in the medium lane.

    distance free From what i remember.....

    swam 3550 and for the life of me i can not remember the break down other than it had plenty of 100's and a few 200's because what would a swim be without 200's.

    the first half of the swim was nice. shared a lane with a pretty good swimmer. What made him pretty good... his manners. then we got another person in so we had to circle swim. she was extremely ambitious and brought her own pace clock.

    i know if you bring your own pace clock it is usually in the form of a wrist watch. but to bring your very own big one that you have to prop up on a set of kick boards just makes you extra special. soon after our new lane mate jumped in we dropped one of the first two. so back to straight out and back. then a guy in the most festive type of jammers decided to hop in.

    he was also an ambitious type. and soon in the medium a neck and neck grudge match ensued between the pace clocker and festive jammers. they were barely able to out touch the wall (keep in mind we are supposed to be circular swimming). then they would leave starting a new lap right on each others' toes.

    this become obnoxious and luckily i was done with my swim. i need to get fast again and get back into the fast lane.
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  16. Thurs, Dec. 6, 2012 7:05-9:00pm

    by , December 7th, 2012 at 02:00 AM (Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!)
    Got in a little late again, but this should be the last time since my son's session of swim lessons ended tonight. Alas, he didn't advance on to the next group, but he is improving. I didn't think he'd go right from near nothing to big fish in 5 weeks, but you can dream right? Once he's in the pool, he has fun, but the hard part is getting him to get to the pool and get in. 6 year olds.


    I got in a 200 Free out of the warmup period, then:
    12 x 75 Kick w/ fins & board (no fins for me) @ 1:30 fast/ez/fast by 25s. (went 1:15s)
    10 x 100 Free warmup stretchout pace @ 1:45 (held 1:11-1:14s)

    Again, we split up into the Senior State taper lanes/non-taper lanes -->(my lane)
    Pull Set - each one @ LIFO + :30
    500 Free Pull @ 70% (went 6:05)
    400 Free Pull @ 75% (went 4:45)
    300 Free Pull @ 80% (went 3:23)
    200 Free Pull @ 85% (went 2:12)
    100 Free Pull @ 90% (went 1:02)

    100 EZ

    12 x 50 Kick w/ board @ 1:10 3 of each stroke. Did 3 Fly, 3 Back, 6 Free

    3 Rounds of:
    • 200 IM @ 3:30 (Desc. by Rounds) (went 2:45/2:40/2:37ish)
    • 2 x 50 Free AFAP @ 1:30 (went :29/:28s)

    200 EZ and out

    5400 Yards


    I did dolphin kick in place of the breaststroke kick tonight like usual, as my groin pull is still giving me a hard time. Flutter kick and dolphin kick don't bother me, but it really sucks when I forget like tonight and accidentally do a breaststroke kick during the pullout! OUCH!
    I'm sure hoping things heal up, cause I'd like to be able to swim a 400 IM at some time, either the end of Dec. or mid-Jan. at a couple meets.
    Anyone know how long something like this takes to heal? I don't think its a very bad injury, and I haven't gone to see a doctor to ask either, nor do I ask for directions when lost.