Encouraging More Adults to Swim
Masters Swimmers Get in on the Charlotte UltraSwim Action

Reports of Michael Phelps's return to competition splashed across local, regional, national and international newspapers last weekend as he prepared to compete and then swam in the 2009 Charlotte UltraSwim Grand Prix. Though the spotlight was brightest for Michael, more than 15 other 2008 Olympians competed, as well as notable Masters swimmers Rob Butcher and Mike Ross.

Local Masters swimmers also benefited from a clinic hosted by Rowdy Gaines at the Charlotte UltraSwim.


Competition pools at the 2009 SC Nationals in Clovis, CATuesday Morning after the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course National Championship

Rob Butcher, U.S. Masters Swimming executive director, provides a recap of the 2009 U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course National Championship.  Fresno, Cal. hosted the wildly successful event and Rob offers his 16-lanes of "best of," in honor of the 16 lanes of competition, on this Tuesday morning after Nationals.


Masters Swimmer Charlie Lydecker Takes on Olympian Ryan Lochte and Comes Out a Winner

It isn't everyday that a Masters swimmer races one of the fastest swimmers in the world.  It isn't everyday that a new college is able to raise over $100,000 for its swimming program.  It isn't everyday that you see swim-fans and newcomers, alike, crowd around the pool deck to celebrate the sport of swimming and get the opportunity to witness one of the greatest head-to-head challenges of the year. 

The Lydecker vs Lochte Splashdown was a big success and the swimmers of the Daytona State College will continue to reap the benefits of the event for years to come.


A Day in the Life of the U.S. Masters Swimming VP of Community Services

Today is the final day for U.S. Masters Swimming Executive Committee nominations.  To round out the series, "A Day in the Life of the U.S. Masters Swimming Executive Committee," Michael Heather, VP of Community Services, answered a few questions, explained his role and shared his passion for the organization.


My Mother, The Swimmer

Mother's Day. A holiday all mothers look forward to and a holiday that the rest of us often, unintentionally and to the dismay of our mothers, forget. Not this year. May 10, Mother's Day, is right around the corner; however, this year we've warned and provided you with plenty of time to find the perfect card, plan the perfect brunch and pick out the perfect floral arrangement.


Marcia Anziano: Up For the Challenge

This Masters swimmer, along with five friends, will team up to swim across the English Channel this September.  Yes, the swim is difficult, the water is cold and the tide is unforgiving, but Marcia Anziano is committed to her teammates and to her goal.


Why We Swim...

Why do you swim?

Simple. Plain. Easy. Right?

We asked a seemingly straightforward question last week and received some of the most well thought out, purposeful and eye opening responses.


An Almost-30-Something's Plea to U.S. Masters Swimming

According to this almost 30-something, "The period after college is often stressful, confusing and, without a doubt, busy. Shortly after graduation, I remember missing college: I was uncertain about what I wanted, who I wanted to be and where I wanted to go.  I missed my friends.  I missed my college life," but she credits U.S. Masters Swimming with offering her stability.  Read what she has to say and what she wants to shout from the roof tops...


A Day in the Life of the U.S. Masters Swimming VP of Local Operations

This VP uses her extensive background and passion for volunteerism to help our LMSCs to operate effectively and efficiently.  Who does she think should run this year for this position? And, what is her advice for the next VP-LO?


Dick ShoulbergMore Than a Coach

Who was your favorite coach?  Why was that coach have such a big impact on you? Probably because he or she shared some key qualities with Dick Shoulberg.

This coach has been a key player in the swimming community for forty years, and Masters swimmers recall the qualities that set him apart from the rest.


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