Encouraging More Adults to Swim
Coaches: SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Winter Fitness Challenge

U.S. Masters Swimming has launched the SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Fitness Series to help swimmers reach their fitness goals year-round and support a great cause. The Fitness Series is a great way to bring your club or workout group together for three inclusive and fun challenges: a 30-minute swim in the winter, a 2K swim in the summer, and a 1-mile swim in the fall.

Want Cool Swag? Sign up to Win!

We're asking you, our coaches, to help us create excitement for and participation in the inaugural SmartyPants Vitamins USMS Winter Fitness Challenge by hosting a WFC swim at your pool. 

Local clubs and workout groups that sign up through the link below between Nov. 1 and Feb. 28 to host the WFC will automatically be entered in an exclusive contest and will be promoted on the Winter Fitness Challenge page. There are three tiers in the contest and you'll be included (based on 2017 size)

Host At Your Pool

When your swimmers are registering for the event, make sure they select your club so you get credit for their participation!

The top three clubs or workout groups in each tier will win:

  • First Place:
  • Second Place:
    • SmartyPants Vitamins swag and a 3-month supply of your choice of gummy vitamins ($125 value)
    • Complimentary 2018 National Coaches Clinic registration fee ($125 value)
    • USMS branded white board ($45 value)
  • Third Place:
    • SmartyPants Vitamins swag and a 3-month supply of your choice of gummy vitamins ($125 value)
    • USMS branded white board ($45 value)

Ways for clubs to promote the Winter Fitness Challenge:

  1. Add a WFC registration link on your club's website and/or Facebook page.
  2. Email the members of your club the link for registration.
  3. Put WFC registration information practice whiteboards.
  4. Personally invite the lap swimmers at your aquatic facility to register.
  5. Contact your other strategic partners, such as the local triathlon club, to participate in your WFC.
  6. Know the benefits of registering for the WFC, especially the exclusive partner discounts, sample packs from SmartyPants Vitamins, a cool event swim cap, and communicate them to your members.

Coach FAQs

Q: How can I sign up my club to host a Fitness Series event?

A: Sign up your club through this Google Form. Clubs that provide details about their plans will be promoted on the Fitness Series pages at usms.org.

Q: Can my swimmers wear equipment during the swim?

A: Yes, they can wear any equipment they want during the Fitness Series swims. The goal is to get people motivated to train for and complete the challenge with their teammates. For the Winter Fitness Challenge, coaches are encouraged to get creative for their swimmers who might be intimidated by a 30-minute swim. The focus is on achieving the goal, rather than competing for the best time or most distance—there are no competitive rules.

Q: How can I make this a fun event and get all my swimmers excited?

A: The Fitness Series events provide great team-building opportunities for coaches. Host the 30-minute swim during a scheduled practice and add a social event after the practice. Build relays with swimmers who don't normally swim together. Track the lengths swum for the cause. Establish a team goal of yardage. You can even challenge another Masters program to see which club has the highest percentage of participation. Celebrate the accomplishments of your program and the individual swimmers with recognition or awards.

Q: Can I see how many of my swimmers have signed up?

A: Yes, here is a list of all the swimmers signed up for the USMS Winter Fitness Challenge and the club they are a member of.

Q: How does the Winter Fitness Challenge: 30-Minute swim fit with the 1-Hour ePostal National Championship?

A: The Winter Fitness Challenge: 30-Minute Swim and the 1-Hour ePostal National Championship aren’t mutually exclusive. Since these events overlap during the last two weeks of February, coaches can run them simultaneously. Let your swimmers decide which event best suits them. Swimmers who are just getting started with Masters Swimming or have never participated in a USMS event might choose the fitness-oriented 30-minute swim. Experienced and competitive swimmers might prefer the 1-Hour National Championship. Some swimmers might decide to swim both. Schedule these events to suit your club’s needs and goals.

Q: How can I fundraise for the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation or my club’s charity?

A: If your club participates in the Winter Fitness Challenge, you’re automatically fundraising for USMS SSLF—it’s now our official annual fundraiser. We’ll help you set up your club’s fundraising page in our online platform, Flipcause, which will make it easy for you and your swimmers.

For the Summer and Fall Fitness Challenges, the entry fees go to USMS SSLF, but any additional funds raised by your swimmers can be designated for your local charity—Flipcause will be available to you for those events as well.

Q: Great! Can I get started on my own and set up a Flipcause page to begin fundraising?

A: Yes! Just go to the Winter Fitness Challenge page on Flipcause and select “Become a Fundraiser.” Then fill in some basic info and upload your club logo—it’s that simple. Share your club’s fundraising page to all your members through email, social media, newsletter, etc. The club that raises the most funds during the event will be awarded a $500 Swimoutlet.com gift card.

Q: I heard there are prizes for the clubs with the most swimmers participating in the Winter Fitness Challenge. Is that true?

A: Yes, we’ll reward the clubs with the highest swimmer participation—in three categories based on club size—in the Winter Fitness Challenge. The prizes range from a Colorado Time Systems Pace Clock Pro to a USMS-branded white board. When your swimmers are registering for the event, make sure they select your club so you get credit for their participation.

We’re here to help! For any questions related to the USMS Fitness Series, including Flipcause and fundraising questions, please contact us at events@usmastersswimming.org.

*Contest Rules

This contest is exclusively open to 2018 USMS-registered local clubs and workout groups that sign up to participate and host a Winter Fitness Challenge through the online portal by February 28, 2018. At the end of the contest period (Feb. 28, 2018) the top three clubs or workout groups, that signed up to participate and host a Winter Fitness Challeneg, in each tier with the highest overall percentages of swimmer participation will be declared winners. Within each tier, in the event of a tie, the club or workout group that reached the percentage first will be declared the winner. 

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