U.S. Masters Swimming National Records Presented bySponsor #58

U.S. Masters Swimming maintains a list of individual and relay records for all three courses in each age group. These records may be viewed or downloaded in a variety of ways through the links below. The current FINA World Masters Records are available at the FINA Web Site.

Individual Records Relay Records Download Records

Note: The U.S. Masters Swimming records include all records that have been properly documented and verified by the Records and Tabulations Committee. It is possible that a faster time has been swum, but has not yet been properly documented and verified. The records database includes all records published in the most recent version of the rule book. It also includes any verified record-breaking swims since the Rule Book publication. Please submit all record documentation along with a completed Record Submission Form for all swims that are faster than the current records as of the date of your swim meet.

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