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1999 Long Course National Championships

On Line Entry System

Welcome to the 1999 USMS Long Course National Championships On Line Entry System. To submit your meet registration on line, you will need to fill out a series of forms presented to you on these web pages, and the data you enter on these forms will be processed using our secure server (the data you enter will not be available to anyone else). When you have completed all of the forms, you will receive an on line registration number and your entry information will be sent to you via e-mail. The meet host will then verify your entry information, process your credit card payment, enter your recorded information into the meet program, and send you an entry confirmation.

You are responsible for signing a written liability release before you participate in any event at the meet. The final entry confirmation e-mail message that you receive will include the liability release, which you will need to sign and mail to the meet host. You will also need to send a copy of your USMS registration card with the liability release. YOU WILL NOT BE OFFICIALLY ENTERED IN THE MEET UNTIL THE SIGNED LIABILITY RELEASE AND USMS REGISTRATION CARD COPY ARE RECEIVED BY THE MEET HOST. You should also plan to bring a copy of this confirmation and a copy of your USMS registration card to the meet as proof of entry in case there is any confusion. There will be no refunds issued for those who enter and do not attend the meet.

To begin the registration process, please select the US or International version of the entry system. All swimmers who do not have a home address in the United States or do not have a USMS registration card should use the International version.

US Version

International Version

Note: If you are using an older browser version, particularly Netscape Navigator version 3.x, you may encounter an error indicating that the secure certificate has expired and that a secure connection can not be set up. If this happens, you can update your web browser to be compatible with Thawte, our secure certificate authority. This only takes a few minutes, and complete instructions are provided by Thawte. To test your browser for compatibility and receive upgrade instructions for non-compatible browser versions, go to the Thawte browser test page.

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