2017 World Masters

17th FINA World Masters Championship in Budapest

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USMS Coaches
Richard Garza  
Kata Rutherford
Martin Wagner
Janelle Higashida



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Open Water Traveling information
A free train is provided to and from the Open water competition: August 10-12, 2017.

Departures (Budapest, Déli-palyaudvar): 7:05am, 9:05am
Arrivals (Balatonfured): 8:55am, 10:55am

Departures (Balatonfured): 6:23pm, 8:23pm
Arrivals (Budapest, Déli-palyaudvar): 8:34pm, 10:29pm

****From the organizing committee: “Once you arrive to Balatonfüred train station, our collegues will guide you to the open water venue.”




If you don’t have a passport already, follow this link to apply for a passport, or renew your old one. If you don't yet have one, get it now, and rush your application. The deadline is June 29th, 2017 to sign up for the meet. https://www.usps.com/international/passports.htm
A special visa is not required to visit Hungary. If you plan on extending your stay to other parts of Europe, please check the visa requirements.


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Google Map
We created an interactive map with all important locations tagged. Competition venues, training facilities, and train stations. Click here to access.


All FINA Rules
Open Water Rules
Swimming Rules
Masters Rules


Qualifying Time Information 


Swimmers who cannot complete the 3km distance in 90 minutes are advised not to enter. Swimmers still on the course after this time may be stopped and ordered out of the water; and no time will be given.

From USAS Chef de Mission report: MASTERS

  1. Dates for the FINA Masters Worlds are Aug 7-20, 2017. Thus, there is no overlap of masters and the elite World Championships.
  2. Registration closes June 29th.
  3. There will be some maximum numbers established as follows: 120 Water Polo teams. 130 Synchro solos 1000 athletes per day for Open Water (Aug 10-12) Note: there may be more closures decided at a later date.
  4. Fees are 65.00 per athlete to enter + individual sport entry fees. Coaches and family members entry fee cost is 40.00. Entry fees are nonrefundable/ nontransferable. Accredited persons will have free use of all public transportation in Budapest, discounted hotel prices, available through the OC website and special prices for various cultural programs during the event.
  5. Swimming, Diving, Open Water, Synchronized Swimming and Water Polo will all be held at the same venues as the elite World Championship events. Swimming will be held at the Danube Arena and Margaret Island, Diving at the Danube Arena complex, Open Water at Lake Balaton, and Water Polo at Hajos complex on Margaret Island. Synchronized Swimming will be at the City Park (Hero’s Squad).
  6. Lake Balaton – there will be a dedicated train 2 x day to the Lake for Open Water. The special train takes 1 ½ hours each direction.
  7. All Masters Events are free to watch.
  8. The OC suggested that family members should register also so they have easier access to the Water Wonder Park, the venue, competing family members during the event, to seating and meeting up with the athletes after their events.
  9. For Masters Swimming, training will be available in the venue and Komjadi indoor/ outdoor pool 7 days prior to competition.
  10. For Masters Synchro, training will be available at the competition pool and training pool.
  11. For Masters Open Water, the event will be held on Aug 10, 11, and 12 and the course will be 3km. The start will be an in the water start and competition will start at either 10AM or 11AM, to be determined. The number of competitors will be limited to 1,000 per day.
  12. All sports will have 2 practice days before competition, except for Swimming and Open Water. Swimming will have 7 days of training and Open Water will have one day.
  13. Water Polo and Synchronized Swimming may request training times via email to the OC.
  14. The OC will have 10,000 rooms for accommodations in either hotels, apartments or hostels. Hotel bookings should be made through the booking.com website.
  15. Breakfast only will be provided in the masters packages.
  16. A separate website is available.
  17. The OC has announced that all Masters competitors will have free access to public transportation using their accreditations.
  18. Masters will pick up their accreditations at the Danube Arena. Desks will be arranged alphabetically at the main center. The process is the same as the elite championship and also smaller desks will be available at the venues. The Accreditation Center will be open from 7:30 AM to 5:30/6:00 PM. Declaration forms will need to be signed.
  19. Water Wonder Park will be the cultural and festival area for spectators and competitors. There will be 2 main locations at the Danube Arena and on Margaret Island. A smaller one will be in Lake Balaton.
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