USMS Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinic

General Information

Each year the USMS Coaches Committee awards host status to six sites across the country for Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics. These clinics consist of a minimum two-hour coaches' clinic and four-hour swimmers clinic. Both clinics are run by a mentor coach, approved by the Coaches Committee. Mentor coaches are proven, successful Masters coaches who have built outstanding programs, many are USMS Coach of the Year award recipients.

During the coaches' clinic, the mentor coach will dispense information that will be helpful to local Masters coaches in building their programs. With the assistance of local coaches, the mentor coach will run the swimmers' clinic with both classroom and in-water instruction. Underwater video taping and analysis should be considered as part of the clinic, though not required.

The content of the swimmers' clinic varies, though most clinics emphasize the teaching of proper techniques in at least one of the four strokes. Other clinic format options include basic workout design, starts and turns, racing tips. The mentor coach works closely with the clinic director in developing the clinic format.

It is recommended that applications be submitted as early as possible for the coming years' clinics. The Coaches Committee makes the decision on clinic hosts based on several factors, among the most important being location and groups needing assistance in building their programs. Small LMSCs are encouraged to apply.

Organizations granted host status for an Mentor Coach and Swimmer clinic are presented with a $500 grant to assist with the expense of bringing in a clinician. The grant money will be distributed after the clinic once the clinic wrap up report has been submitted to the Coaches Committee clinic coordinator. In addition, the Coaches Committee will assist whenever possible with clinic planning.

To apply for an Mentor Coach and Swimmer clinic, submit a USMS Clinic application to the Coaches Committee clinic coordinator.

For a Mentor Coach and Swimmer clinic application, download the USMS Clinic package available in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). The package includes an information about clinic planning, as well as application, evaluation, and clinic wrap-up forms. To download a copy Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click here.

For additional details, contact the Coaches Committee clinic coordinator.

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