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Karen Gangloff | December 31, 2008

Jeff Moxie, U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer, does much more than keep track of the USMS piggy bank. This year, Jeff's term as treasurer will end and it will be time to pass the torch (checkbook) onto the next treasurer. While he wasn't signing checks, keeping U.S. Masters Swimming books in line or assisting with other projects, Jeff took time to answer a few questions regarding his background, his role within U.S. Masters Swimming and his advice for the next treasurer.

Ashley: Had you ever held an office prior to U.S. Masters Swimming?
Jeff: I was treasurer of Southern Pacific Masters for eight-plus years, treasurer of Friends of the Island Fox for two years, and a board member of Valley Veterinary Nonprofit for four years. Valley Veterinary Nonprofit provides low-cost spay and neuter services for cats and doge in Ventura County, Calif., and has reduced the euthanasia rate by over 85 percent in Simi Valley, Calif.

Ashley: Why did you run for U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: I felt I had the background and experience that fit the position.

Ashley: Who do you work most closely with as U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: The executive director and controller.

Ashley: What is a recurring task for which the U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer is responsible?
Jeff: Writing checks for bill payment on a weekly basis.

Ashley: What has been you favorite "project" as U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: My involvement in the hiring of the new executive director was my most favorite project.

Ashley: What skills do you possess that helped you the most as U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: I have served in multiple finance capacities in my personal career, most recently as CFO of Sunkist, Virgin Entertainment and Kinko's.

Ashley: What skills do you wish you had that would have been helpful in your role as Treasurer?
Jeff: More patience.

Ashley: How many hours a week/month do you spend fulfilling your responsibilities as U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: Approximately one hour per week, on average.

Ashley: What is your best memory of being U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: Watching U.S. Masters Swimming positioning itself to become the premier adult fitness program in the world!

Ashley: What advice do you give our next U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer?
Jeff: Be patient. Change takes time, but we are on the right path.

Jeff's impact on U.S. Masters Swimming as treasurer was great and we look forward to Jeff's future endeavors. Jeff's term will end at the 2009 USMS annual convention. If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone for the position of U.S. Masters Swimming Treasurer, please click here to read about the qualifications, candidate criteria and nomination and election process. All nominations are due by April 20, 2009.


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