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On-Deck Coaching Available to Assist Swimmers at Nationals

You're never alone at Nationals!

Author Unknown | December 31, 2008

In Austin, the USMS Coaches Committee will offer its traditional on-deck coaching assistance for swimmers during warm-ups.  Coaches will be monitoring the sprint and pace lanes during the morning warm-up sessions, giving swimmers start commands and timing sprints or pace repeats if requested.  Swimmers and coaches alike find the service rewarding.  "It's a fun learning experience to work with some of the nation's best swimmers and coaches," says USMS On-Deck Coaching Coordinator Chris Colburn,  "and the swimmers are really happy to see a helpful face in the crowd as they prepare for their races."  If you are a coach who is interested in helping out, please send an email to Chris at chriscolburn AT usms DOT org.  If you would like some assistance from an On-Deck Coach at the meet, look for the lime green T-shirts on deck.  The people wearing them will be happy to help you out!

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