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Whitney Hedgpeth 2013 Speedo/USMS Coach Of the Year Award Recipient

Stuart Kahn , Head Coach, Davis Aquatic Masters | Vice Chair, Coaches Committee | April 7, 2014

Ask any Masters swimmer from her team about the single best quality of their program and the first thing they will tell you is how fortunate they are to have this year's winner as their coach. She is the heart, soul and, some say, the brains of their organization.

A decorated Olympic swimmer and mother of three, she brings to her program a wealth of knowledge in both swimming and family life; as well as dedication, passion and leadership.

During her 8 years at the helm, she has guided her club to increasingly higher levels of growth, interpersonal connections, and successes in the pool, open water, and postal events.

She equally coaches beginners, triathletes, open water aficionados, and paralympians. Her swimmers have set LMSC, National, and World Records.

She regularly contributes to SWIMMER and AUSTIN FIT and is a featured speaker in the Austin area. She embodies all of the qualities that we look for in winning this award.

Ladies and gentlemen: The 2013 USMS Coach of the Year, from Longhorn Aquatics in South Texas, is Whitney Hedgepeth.

USMS Wave Seperator

About the Author—Stuart Kahn

Stuart Kahn is head coach of the Davis Aquatic Masters, the largest masters club in America. Over the past 35 years, Stu has coached high school, junior college, college, USA Swimming and now Masters swimming. He is Vice-Chair of the USMS Coaches Committee, a 2011 and 2012 coach at the High Performance Camp, and the 2012 recipient of both the Pacific Masters and USMS Coach of the Year Awards. He was also a presenter at the 2012 ASCA World Clinic and is a regular contributor to STREAMLINES and SWIMMER.

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