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Many of you received the latest issue of SWIM Magazine and saw the reference to the cessation of that magazine as United States Masters Swimming's official publication. Unfortunately, it was not made clear that USMS will have a new official publication for its members in 2005. Here is additional information about the periodical.

USMS's contract with Sports Publications, the publisher and owner of SWIM Magazine, will expire at the end of 2004. Beginning with a March/April issue, USMS members will receive another publication with a new and exciting format. It will also have a new name, 'USMS SWIMMER'. These developments followed a year-long and complex process of request for proposals, submissions, interviews, comparison, and evaluation. The 2004 House of Delegates voted to accept the recommendation of the Executive Committee to enter into a relationship with Douglas Murphy Communications to publish our magazine. USMS will own the magazine and its contents. While we specialize in content and service to you, both fitness and competitive athletes, Douglas Murphy will specialize in production, design, graphics, and writing excellence.

This opportunity is exciting to us. USMS is a dynamic organization which is unique among all masters organizations. We have become unique by dedicating ourselves to insisting upon excellence in education and service for all of our members. We are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance this service. The new publication will offer us the next level of service by allowing USMS to control quality and ensure that our members' needs and interests are being addressed. A transition team composed of representatives from several areas of USMS is hard at work to assure the best product for our members..

Your new national publication will not have a new price tag. All the costs of development will be done within the current budget with no dues increase needed. I appreciate your feedback as we implement this change and work to provide the best service to you.

Jim Miller, MD
President, USMS

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